2023 Festival Hairstyles

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Festival play is present and to kickoff nan agelong awaited Coachella play we are rounding up nan apical show hairstyles you’ll beryllium seeing each complete your feed! Last year, we saw a surge successful minimalistic show fashion like Hailey Biebers babe braids and effortless eyeshadow colors. Trending connected this years radar, we are expecting to spot agleam colors and maximalist energy. Color blocking, sequins and moreover cowboy boots will each beryllium spotted astatine this years Coachella! Although you whitethorn person your outfits ready, person you perfected your hairstyles? Let’s round-up our favourite trending hairstyles that you tin execute pinch Luxy Hair to springiness you each nan show inspo.  

Half up half down Pigtails

Coming successful beardown arsenic nan astir versatile hairstyle that’s a show favourite is nan celebrated half up half down pigtails. One of our favourite looks for festivals because of nan galore options it gives. We emotion adding successful our 16" aliases 20" Seamless Extensions to this hairstyle to springiness other magnitude and fullness. Using this style arsenic a guidelines and adding different elements to it pinch braids, buns, and tinsel extensions makes it a apical prime for show goers. We emotion pairing half up half down pigtails pinch braids for festivals arsenic it's nan cleanable combo of nosy and practical. You tin besides effort half up half down abstraction buns. To execute this, disagreement your hairsbreadth into 2 sections and necktie them into buns connected either broadside of your head. Curl your remaining hairsbreadth into loose waves and adhd Clip-in Tinsel for a popular of color! You tin besides effort adding glitter aliases 2 azygous wefts from our Peekaboo Halo kit to make it much festive.


Inches & Inches

Although Hailey Bieber’s bob whitethorn beryllium taking complete your feed, agelong hairsbreadth is successful for show season. Long locks made their measurement backmost connected our radar a fewer summers agone but person stayed trending connected immoderate acquainted faces. Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner and truthful galore others are strutting longer locks for large events. Try pairing our Classic 24” Clip-in Extensions pinch a beachy activity for the perfect show hairstyle. To return this style up a level adhd babe braids to your beforehand pieces aliases half up half down pigtails. 

If you’re worried astir keeping your style each time effort adding our 20” Clip-In Ponytail to your hairstyle look to support it each together and still springiness each nan looks needed for your feed! 



Plié into nan ballet-core inclination this show season! Bows person been spotted connected awesome celebs for illustration Madison Beer and galore others. Cottage-core chic meets outpouring vibes bows tin beryllium nan cleanable accessory for outpouring festivals if you're looking for a feminine soft look! We emotion really Justine Marjan paired bows pinch nan 90’s inspired Pam Anderson updo present connected Madison Beer. If cottage-core chic isn’t your thing, effort adding mini ribbon accents into braids, astir buns and nan guidelines of your Clip-in Ponytail Extension for immoderate other dimension! We urge utilizing agleam colors for illustration neon pinks, orangish and moreover greenish to really make it pop.


Braids are undoubtedly nan astir celebrated show hairstyle arsenic they tin support your hairsbreadth neat and stylish while serving looks for your TikTok. With truthful galore different styles of braids (Fishtail braids, French braids, aliases Box braids etc.) mixing braids into different styles aliases utilizing them connected their ain is nan cleanable look for each your upcoming festivals. While braids are not a caller hairstyle they are ever a staple to deterioration for much than conscionable show season. To execute a festival-ready look we urge utilizing our 24” Classic Clip-in Extensions and hairsbreadth tinsel! Braid nan tinsel into your extensions for an other spot of glitter and fun! 

@luxyhair Getting tickets was easy. It's hair, constitution and outfit readying that has maine booked and busy. @Alex Gaboury teaches america really to execute an Inverse Braid, utilizing our 20" Ponytail Clip-In successful Beige Blonde positive our Silver & Pink Multi Hair Tinsel ✨ #braidstutorial #hairtinselextensions #glitterhairextensions ♬ Nonsense - Sped Up Version - Sabrina Carpenter


Y2K style is making its measurement done societal media and it's becoming nan biggest inclination this year. Think Avril Lavigne meets Paris Hilton’s style circa early 2000’s. Juicy Couture tracksuits, bedazzled hairsbreadth and colored highlights are each backmost connected nan segment and we are present for it! This show play beryllium connected nan lookout for acquainted trends you whitethorn person erstwhile worn successful your mediate schoolhouse years. If you want to execute nan cleanable Y2K vibe without immoderate superior committedness effort adding colorful hairsbreadth extensions successful a subtle measurement for nan cleanable colour pop! Choose from 7 shades that lucifer your power for your adjacent festival. To get nan eventual Y2K look, brace our Peekaboo Halo pinch nan cleanable broadside part! 

Hot tip: Use nan 2 azygous wefts included successful our Peekaboo Halo arsenic clip-in money pieces successful nan beforehand of your hairsbreadth aliases see them passim abstraction buns! 


@luxyhair 🌈 @paulasojoro Colour without nan commitment, utilizing our Peekaboo Halo successful our marque caller shade: Dragonfruit! 4 marque caller pops of colour for those days erstwhile you’re emotion daring aliases for your adjacent Halloween Hair. Effortless exertion for your adjacent main characteristic infinitesimal - each 4 caller shades now disposable connected LuxyHair.com #hairtutorial #hairinspo #hairstyleideas #hairtransformation #hairstyletrends2022 #hairstylesforgoingout #goingouthair #halloweenhair #pinkhair #pinkhairinspo ♬ Shut Down - BLACKPINK

Tinsel Extensions

Tinsel hairsbreadth extensions person made a immense debut complete nan past twelvemonth and they are nan cleanable accessory for show season. Add subtle glitter and sparkle to your hairsbreadth without nan committedness pinch clip-in tinsel extensions. These versatile Clip-in Tinsel Extensions tin beryllium added to your ponytails, clip-in hairsbreadth extensions aliases immoderate hairstyle you’re readying connected wearing. The champion portion is, take a colour that matches your vibe for nan time and interchange them each show play long! Chloe Cherry wearing tinsel clip-ins present is nan eventual inspo for Coachella weekend! 


@luxyhair Sparkles connected sparkles, layered pinch much sparkles. Add immoderate sparkle to your hair, you tin ne'er person excessively overmuch ✨ #glitterhairextensions #fairyhairstyles #festivalhairstyles #bubblebraidtutorial ♬ New Person, Same Old Mistakes - Tame Impala

Bubble Ponytails

Take your show pony to a full caller level pinch this elemental yet guidelines retired hairstyle we love! Using our 20” Clip-in Ponytail Extension to execute this afloat measurement bubble pony, your hairsbreadth will enactment each time while looking other cute! This is nan cleanable hairstyle you tin execute successful nether 10 minutes to get you to nan main shape conscionable connected time! 

@luxyhair POV: You're going to nan Eras Tour tonight. You're hoping Queen Taylor will play your favourite song. All you request is hairsbreadth that'll move heads. #glitterhair #fairyhair #hairtinsel #festivalhair ♬ Pinkpantheress x Skepta - bouleon

The possibilities are endless for show hairstyles! Whether you take to spell bold, enactment minimal aliases adhd a popular of glitter tag Luxy Hair successful your show looks! And retrieve to enactment coming successful nan moment, person nosy and ever take to guidelines retired of nan crowd. 

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