50 Cent's ex Daphne Joy DELETES Instagram post accusing him of rape and physical abuse amid defamation lawsuit from rapper

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50 Cent's ex Daphne Joy has deleted a daze March Instagram station accusing him of rape and domestic violence - amid nan rapper's ongoing defamation suit against her.

The 49-year-old In Da Club rapper - who shares boy Sire, 11, pinch Joy, 37 - launched a suit against his erstwhile partner successful May - aft she made nan harrowing allegations successful a lengthy station - which besides saw nan prima declare he was an absent father.

50 Cent denied her allegations successful a statement shared pinch DailyMail.com at nan time.

The brace had been embroiled successful a online conflict aft euphony shaper Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones alleged successful a activity trafficking suit revenge against Diddy that Joy was a activity worker who had been paid by nan Bad Boy Records founder.

She has denied nan lawsuit's declare that she was a activity worker and has branded it 'character assassination.'

50 Cent's ex Daphne Joy has deleted a daze March Instagram station accusing him of rape and home unit - amid nan rapper's ongoing defamation suit against her (pictured pinch boy Sire, 11)

Joy made nan rape declare aft it emerged that 50 Cent was seeking sole custody of their pre-teen son.

In matter written complete a achromatic inheritance connected Instagram, Joy slammed her ex: 'Let's put nan existent attraction connected your existent evil actions of raping maine and physically abusing me. You are nary longer my oppressor and my God will grip you from this constituent on. You person permanently damaged nan past dream I had for you arsenic a father.'

'Curtis James Jackson,' she began, addressing him by his afloat name. 'Everything is simply a joke to you until our information is compromised, which is happening now. You are wreaking existent havoc, frenzy, and chaos onto people's lives. How would u consciousness if Sire was nan 1 successful handcuffs? For nothing,' she wrote.

'We moved to New York to springiness you nan opportunity to beryllium a begetter to your boy and you saw him 10 times retired of nan 2 years that we lived 1 mile distant from you. I americium tired of upholding and protecting an image to our boy that you person ne'er moreover earned,' wrote scorned mother of his child.

'Let's put nan existent attraction connected your existent evil actions of raping maine and physically abusing me. You are nary longer my oppressor and my God will grip you from this constituent on. You person permanently damaged nan past dream I had for you arsenic a begetter to sphere our family pinch these past and last mendacious claims made against me. You person surgery our hearts for nan past and last time.'

Jackson's typical released a connection connected his behalf to DailyMail.com, denying nan accusations: 'The disturbing allegations successful nan sworn pleadings precocious revenge successful a tribunal lawsuit related to Daphne Joy nan mother of my 12 twelvemonth aged child, has required maine to return each basal ineligible actions to protect my boy Sire.'

Sire is 11 years old, not 12, arsenic his begetter labels him successful a statement. 

'The astir caller mendacious and baseless accusations by Daphne Joy are intelligibly successful consequence to my determination to activity sole custody of my son. My boy Sire is my main privilege and keeping him successful a safe situation is my only attraction astatine this time,' he said.

Joy made daze claims astir 50 Cent - which he denied successful March - but nan station has now vanished disconnected her Instagram feed 

Joy past accused 50 Cent of raping her successful a blistering Instagram station . She besides claimed that he had been an absent begetter to their boy . 50 Cent denied her allegations successful a connection shared pinch DailyMail.com  

In an Instagram station 50 Cent wrote to his ex, seemingly arsenic a consequence to her words: 'You moved a mile distant successful hopes of having different babe pinch maine but I was busy. So you moved backmost and past you started receiving money from Brother Love. Now present we are, small activity worker.' 

Sources acquainted pinch nan business told TMZ Joy removing nan station has 'nothing to do pinch 50 Cent's lawsuit.' 

It was claimed location has been been nary settlement, and nan rapper is moving guardant pinch nan case. 

DailyMail.com has contacted representatives for 50 Cent and Daphne Joy for comment. 

In documents revenge successful May and obtained by TMZ, 50 Cent said Joy only made her daze station because it came retired that he was going to activity sole custody of Sire. 

He adds that he made nan determination to activity afloat custody aft Joy was named successful nan Jones suit against Diddy - and alleges Joy 'retaliated' pinch nan station accusing him of abuse. 

50 Cent's suit states Joy's station sewage much than 22,000 likes, and has led to him receiving vile online comments and 'severely damaged his business estimation and kid custody case.'

In nan documents, nan rapper has attached a missive he had his lawyers nonstop to Joy  connected April 2, demanding a retraction. 

She refused and 50 Cent claims her lawyers responded by demanding he springiness her 'millions of dollars' and driblet his custody suit successful return for her taking down nan station - which he brands 'clearly extortive.'

50 Cent is suing Joy for defamation and seeking damages successful excess of $1 million, and a tribunal bid to return down her station and refrain from immoderate different defamatory comments.

In March 50 Cent branded Joy a 'sex worker' successful an Instagram station and shared a photograph of Diddy pinch Joy erstwhile they were pictured together successful Miami Beach successful 2021 arsenic he accused her of turning to nan 54-year-old rapper-turned-entrepreneur for money aft he turned down her advances.

50 Cent's defamation suit stated Joy's station sewage complete 22,000 likes, and has led to him receiving vile online comments and 'severely damaged his business estimation and kid custody case' 

50 Cent antecedently accused his ex Joy of being a activity worker and 'receiving money' from Diddy, 54, aft he allegedly rejected her; Diddy and Joy pictured successful Miami Beach successful 2021

The rapper claimed Joy had moved adjacent him to person 'another baby' pinch him, but he was 'busy.' She jumped into nan comments conception to reply that his connection was 'Delusional'

50 Cent appeared to person reposted nan photograph of Diddy and Joy astir a excavation to stress their closeness successful his post. 

'You moved a mile distant successful hopes of having different babe pinch maine but I was busy,' nan rapper (real name: Curtis Jackson III) began his caption while addressing his ex.

He went connected to declare that she past turned to Diddy for support aft he rebuffed her.

'So you moved backmost and past you started receiving money from Brother Love. Now present we are, small activity worker,' he added. Diddy legally changed his mediate sanction from 'Sean' to 'Love' successful 2017.

50 Cent concluded his station connected an overseas statement by tagging his cognac and champagne labels.

'Delusional,' Joy simply wrote successful a remark connected nan post.

He returned pinch different Instagram station that appeared to allude to nan suit naming Joy arsenic a activity worker.

The rapper reposted a photograph of himself pinch a schematic claiming his 'Final Lap Tour' was connected way to beryllium among nan 'top 3 highest grossing hip-hop tours of each time.'

'Whistle while you activity guys, that's my taxable for today,' he began his caption.

'I made each this money and I'm practicing abstinence, [shrugging emoji] I don't want a small activity worker,' he added, earlier again tagging his intoxicant brands, arsenic good arsenic nan relationship for his tour.

This comes aft 50 Cent responded to bombshell claims nan mother of his boy is nan 'sex worker' named.

50 Cent posted connected X, formerly Twitter writing: 'I didn't cognize you was a activity worker [side oculus emoji] you small activity worker. LOL [laughing emoji] Yo this s**t is simply a movie.'

The rapper of 'In Da Club' and 'P.I.M.P.' fame followed nan station pinch a nexus to his merch shop and 2 pictures of him smoking a ample cigar, holding an umbrella successful beforehand of a Cadillac SUV.

Joy was this week named successful a suit brought against chap creator Diddy by an alleged unfortunate of intersexual maltreatment amid a slew of damning allegations made successful caller months.

When news collapsed earlier this twelvemonth of a 'military level force' ambush related to a activity trafficking probe connected Diddy's homes, 50 Cent, existent sanction Curtis Jackson was nan only awesome euphony fig to speak retired astir nan shocking development.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent posted connected X: 'Now it's not Diddy do it, it's Diddy done they don't travel for illustration that unless they sewage a case'. The rapper besides promised to finance a documentary connected nan allegations. Diddy has denied each accusations of wrongdoing.

Philippine-born exemplary Daphne Joy roseate to fame pinch roles successful Pirates of nan Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Setup and TV movie Venice Heat

Diddy is presently facing aggregate intersexual battle lawsuits, including 1 from shaper Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones, 1 of Diddy's erstwhile grounds producers. 

He revenge a suit against nan rapper claiming he was ordered to recruit activity workers and person activity pinch them for nan star's pleasure, and has hundreds of hours of video documenting Diddy's 'serious forbidden activity' betwixt 2022 and 2023.

Jones besides accuses Daphne Joy, who dated 50 Cent betwixt 2011 and 2012 of being personification who Diddy regularly paid for sex.

The accusations are contained successful nan 73-page lawsuit, successful which Jones claims Diddy besides subjected him to a twelvemonth of groping and 'constant unsolicited rubbing of his anus.'

Daphne Joy, a salient OnlyFans model, formerly dated 50 Cent and gave commencement to their son, Sire, now 11, successful September 2012.

Sire won a $700,000 statement to beryllium nan look of children's headphones institution Kidz Safe while still a toddler. 

When nan mates collapsed up, Joy accused him of being physically abusive, thing nan vocalist known arsenic 'Fiddy' denied.

 Diddy and Cassie Ventura be nan premiere of 'The Perfect Match' astatine nan Arclight Theatre successful Los Angeles connected March 7, 2016. Ventura accused Diddy of rape and maltreatment successful November 2023

Since then, 50 Cent has regularly commented connected a purported narration betwixt Diddy and Joy. 

The Get Rich aliases Die Tryin' prima has besides been outspoken successful his societal media commentary connected his rival rapper and nan surge of lawsuits threatening to destruct nan Diddy's empire.

On Instagram, he shared what appeared to beryllium a promotional image for an 'original docu series' entitled 'Diddy do it?', promising to finance an expose connected nan shocking allegations.

'I tin corroborate that nan untitled Diddy documentary is successful improvement done G-Unit Film and Television pinch Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson serving arsenic Executive Produce,' a spokesperson for nan rapper and G-Unit Film/TV confirmed successful a connection shared pinch Billboard.

'Proceeds from this documentary that G-Unit Film & Television receives will spell to victims of intersexual battle and rape.'

While relations betwixt nan 2 men whitethorn person deteriorated since Joy was named successful nan lawsuit, nan brace person many times sniped astatine each different since Jackson released a way successful 2006 claiming that Diddy, existent sanction Sean Combs, knew who changeable and killed rap pioneer The Notorious B.I.G. successful 1997.

When Diddy stepped down from his TV web Revolt, 50 Cent jokingly offered to bargain and return complete nan media company.

On December 3, 2023, he besides shared a bizarre edit pinch Diddy and R. Kelly's faces merged together to nan disgraced musician's 1998 opus Did You Ever Think. 

Following that post, he commented successful a station pinch a screenshot of a New York Times article questioning if Combs would past nan existent activity of accusations. 

'No he will beryllium fine,' he wrote, according to XXL Magazine. 'He has truthful overmuch money, erstwhile his firm partners propulsion out. He will conscionable scope successful his pockets and make it happen. You saw really accelerated he paid Cassie. He's a existent Billionaire, he has f*** you money guys, truthful f*** you!'

Rap icons Sean 'Diddy' Combs and 50 Cent earlier their relationship exploded into rivalry

But a bombshell $30 cardinal suit by Rodney Jones, a erstwhile shaper for Sean 'Diddy' Combs claims that Combs paid Joy a stipend for her intersexual services 

Combs' homes were raided in March, pictures exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com showing several disheveled rooms, bedrooms turned complete and drawers rifled through, arsenic nan rapper faces aggregate allegations accusing him of intersexual and beingness abuse.

Upon stepping toward nan entrance, a monolithic gross was seen intelligibly surgery and disconnected its hinges pinch respective holes successful nan doorway and breaks successful nan concrete.

Photos show aggregate doorframes that look to person been damaged and respective bedrooms near a messiness pinch everything from clothing and receipts lying around. 

Other video shows really thoroughly nan mogul's laptops and different devices person been gone through, earlier showing unsettled room appliances.

Two officials told AP the raids were portion of an ongoing sex-trafficking investigation. They said connected information of anonymity and were not authorized to publically talk specifications of nan investigation. 

A root besides told NBC three women and a man had been interviewed by national officials successful Manhattan complete allegations of activity trafficking, intersexual assault, and nan inducement and distribution of forbidden narcotics and firearms.

Interviews pinch 3 different subjects are besides scheduled, nan root claimed.

A man accused of being Diddy's supplier mule was besides arrested connected Monday arsenic authorities raided nan mansions. 

Brendan Paul, 25, was arrested by Miami-Dade Police, alongside Homeland Security agents, astatine Opa-Locka Airport successful Miami astir 4:30 p.m. connected Monday while authorities raided Diddy's mansions. 

A lawyer representing a female accusing Diddy of rape in nan 1990s said of nan raid: 'Hopefully, this is nan opening of a process that will clasp Mr Combs responsible for his depraved conduct.'

Aaron Dyer, an lawyer for nan rapper, broke Combs' soundlessness conscionable complete 24 hours aft nan Homeland Security investigation pinch a connection to DailyMail.com. 

'Yesterday, location was a gross overuse of military-level unit arsenic hunt warrants were executed astatine Mr. Combs' residences.

'There is nary excuse for nan excessive show of unit and hostility exhibited by authorities aliases nan measurement his children and labor were treated,' Dyer said.

'Mr. Combs was ne'er detained but said to and cooperated pinch authorities,' he added.

'Despite media speculation, neither Mr. Combs nor immoderate of his family members person been arrested nor has their expertise to recreation been restricted successful immoderate way.'

'This unprecedented ambush -- paired pinch an advanced, coordinated media beingness -- leads to a premature unreserved to judgement of Mr. Combs and is thing much than a witch hunt based connected meritless accusations made successful civilian lawsuits,' Dyer continued. 

Her modelling activity has taken to her to glamorous sprout locations crossed nan world

Sire was calved successful September 2012, winning a $700,000 statement to beryllium nan look of children's headphones institution Kidz Safe, while still a toddler

The rapper shared an article connected Instagram astir Diddy's houses successful Los Angeles and Miami being surrounded by Homeland Security agents and said that 'they don't travel for illustration that unless they sewage a case'

Four women, including Diddy's semipermanent girlfriend, revenge shocking lawsuits against nan rapper precocious past year, accusing him of maltreatment and intersexual assault.

The rapper, who earned a luck done euphony arsenic shaper and creator pinch nan Bad Boy Entertainment grounds label, was accused of rape, sex-trafficking a minor, battle and a slew of further alleged abuses.

Ex woman Cassie Ventura accused him of rape and forcing her to person activity pinch antheral prostitutes successful beforehand of him. She besides accused him of repeated beingness abuses.

Combs denied nan allegations and settled nan suit.

In November, Joi Dickerson-Neal accused Combs of drugging and raping her successful 1991, signaling nan maltreatment and sharing it without permission.

Liza Gardner past revenge a 3rd suit successful precocious November 2023, besides accusing him of intersexual and beingness abuse.

According to a suit obtained by AP, nan alleged incidents besides occurred successful nan early 1990s.

Gardner said she was coerced into having activity and past pinned down by R&B vocalist Aaron Hall and forced to person activity pinch him too.

Her friend was besides allegedly coerced into having activity pinch Combs and Hall.

The suit alleged Combs later went to nan women's location to discourage them from reporting what happened.

Combs past allegedly choked 1 of nan women until she passed out.

In a shocking 4th suit, reported first successful early December, Combs was accused of assaulting an anonymous 4th unfortunate erstwhile she was a 17-year-old precocious schoolhouse student successful 2003.

The female was allegedly 'sex trafficked' and 'gang raped' by Combs, who was 34 astatine nan time, and Harve Pierre, then-president of his grounds label.

Music shaper Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones Jr., who worked pinch Combs connected 'The Love Album: Off nan Grid,' is besides among his accusers.

He revenge a suit against nan rapper claiming he was ordered to recruit activity workers and person activity pinch them for nan star's pleasure, and has hundreds of hours of video documenting Combs's 'serious forbidden activity'.

Jones revenge a bombshell suit against Diddy and claimed that his 'affiliation' to Prince Harry and different stars gave him and his associates 'legitimacy', MailOnline revealed this week.

The tribunal documents revenge successful nan US past period do not propose immoderate wrongdoing connected Prince Harry's part. He is not a suspect and is named erstwhile successful nan 73-page document. MailOnline has asked nan Duke of Sussex to comment.

Lil Rod's lawyers declare guests were drawn to Diddy's alleged sex-trafficking parties because of his 'access to celebrities specified arsenic celebrated athletes, governmental figures, artists, musicians, and world dignitaries for illustration British Royal, Prince Harry', tribunal documents revenge successful New York say. 

Prince William and Prince Harry met P Diddy and Kanye West astatine a post-concert statement nan Princes hosted to convey each who took portion successful nan 'Concert for Diana' astatine Wembley Stadium' successful 2007. However, nan Prince of Wales is not named successful nan tribunal documents. It is not known really galore times Harry has met nan rapper since then, if astatine all. 

Jones claims that underage girls and activity workers were guests astatine nan star's location parties and that he saw nan prima supplier their drinks.

And he says he himself was drugged successful February past twelvemonth earlier waking up naked, dizzy and confused successful furniture pinch Combs and 2 activity workers, and fearing he whitethorn person been raped.

Four of Combs' unit were tasked pinch paying astir nan activity workers successful cash, but successful 1 explosive transition Jones claims that 'Yung Miami, Jade, and Daphne Joy were paid a monthly interest to activity arsenic Mr Combs' activity workers and received costs via ligament transfer.'

Combs has denied each nan allegations against him, saying 'enough is enough'.

'Let maine beryllium perfectly clear: I did not do immoderate of nan atrocious things being alleged. I will conflict for my name, my family and for nan truth,' said successful a connection successful December.

And his lawyers person been scathing astir Jones's $30 cardinal suit targeting Combs, his boy Justin, grounds leader Ethiopia Habtemariam, and nan grounds labels they worked for.

Attorney, Shawn Holley, dismissed 'Lil Rod' arsenic 'nothing much than a liar', who is successful it for nan money.

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