American Matt Walsh delivers a brutal message to Australia: 'The weakest, wokest, lamest country on Earth'

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Anti-woke US commentator Matt Walsh has unleashed connected Australia, labelling it 'the weakest, wokest, lamest state connected Earth'.

Political activistic Matt Walsh said his views connected Australia and its group had changed for nan worse successful caller years.

His comments travel aft he watched reality endurance programme Alone Australia, which he described arsenic 'unintentionally nan funniest point connected TV correct now'.

'I'm judge location are awesome group successful Australia, but my sentiment of Australians has conscionable plummeted,' he said.

During nan pandemic, Walsh was captious of Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, which were strictly imposed crossed Australia.

Walsh, who changeable to fame pinch his documentary What is simply a Woman which attacked the  transgender industry, said nan Alone programme confirmed his fears astir Australia. 

'Before Covid, I thought that Australia was, first of all, an absolute hellscape wherever venomous spiders rained from nan sky. That portion is true,' he said. 

'But past I further thought that because of that, anyone who lives location would person to beryllium nan toughest sons of bitches connected nan planet. 

'I really thought that. I thought it was a full state of Steve Irwins.

'From Covid, and now ending pinch (Alone Australia), I thought really is Australia nan weakest, wokest, lamest state connected Earth? 

'How is that possible?' 

Anti-woke American podcaster Matt Walsh (pictured) has unleashed connected Australians pinch furious anger, saying they person 'few endurance skills' and Australia is nan 'weakest' state successful nan world

Alone Australia is simply a endurance title bid based connected nan deed US version. 

'Ten Australians are dropped disconnected unsocial successful abstracted areas of distant wilderness wherever they must woody pinch nan forces of nature, hunger and loneliness,' nan SBS promotion for nan show said.

Walsh wrote that he and his woman bask watching nan US type of Alone which 'features gritty, skilled survivalists'.

'We conscionable recovered retired there's an Australian type and started watching. Unintentionally nan funniest point connected TV correct now. It’s fundamentally "Alone: DEI Edition".'

'DEI' is an acronym for 'diversity, equity and inclusion'.

Walsh wrote that Alone Australia ticks each nan diverseness boxes by including 2 lesbians and 2 Indigenous people.

'Ten contestants. Two are lesbians. Two declare to beryllium Indigenous. One of nan lesbians dropped retired aft 1 night.

'One of nan Indigenous guys made a large show astir being successful touch pinch quality etc and past cried and dropped retired aft 1 night.'

The blimpish commentator mocked a 'Gen Z environmentalist guy' who asked for a aesculapian removal aft testing affirmative for Covid-19.

He besides targeted 'a complete achromatic feline who keeps talking astir really indigenous he is' but whose deficiency of knowledge of animals resulted successful him eating a 'toxic millipede'.

'The American type features gritty, skilled survivalists.

'The Australian type was much worried astir checking diverseness boxes truthful nan contestants are wholly clueless, incompetent, and conscionable crying done nan full thing,' Walsh wrote. 

He said Alone Australia was 'Very funny stuff. And a awesome cautionary tale. Highly recommend.

'They apparently sent nan contestants retired into nan wilderness pinch Covid tests. And they commencement each section pinch a onshore acknowledgment. 

'Plus they person a bunch of woke biology regulations that prohibit them from hunting beautiful overmuch immoderate game. Like I said, it's hilarious.'

Walsh's caller video has sewage respective 100 comments already, pinch 1 poster talking astir their ain experiences of nan show.

'Being a endurance enthusiast, I started nan exertion process for this show, but arsenic soon arsenic I realized that they were promoting DEI successful nan contestants, I didn't proceed. 

'There were much questions astir sexuality and gender personality than location were astir outdoor skills.'

Matt Walsh slammed nan Australian type of nan TV show 'Alone' for being woke. The formed of Alone Australia 2023 is pictured

Another wrote that Crocodile Dundee character Paul Hogan 'seriously gave millions of Americans nan incorrect belief of Aussies'. 

'The immense mostly of them are thing for illustration that. Renowned wilderness connoisseurs for illustration Steve Irwin are astir arsenic communal arsenic they are present successful nan states,' they said.

'However, what was retained erstwhile I visited Australia successful 2009 and 2013 was their consciousness of joke and affinity of alcohol. But this was earlier they were infected pinch wokeism.'

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