Bad Blood With Her Rivals? Taylor Swift ‘Will Do Everything in Her Power to Stay on Top’ of the Charts

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Taylor Swift is weaponizing nan merchandise of her euphony to sabotage her rivals connected nan charts, critics charge.

The eager popular prima launched respective tunes successful nan U.K. from The Tortured Poets Department — nan aforesaid week British songbird Charli XCX threatened to situation nan American queen’s No. 1 spot pinch her caller album, Brat.

As Charli, 31, languished successful 2nd place, podcaster Meghan McCain fumed, “There are group coming up who could person their first No. 1, and you person nan powerfulness to fto them person No. 1 aliases not. I conscionable don’t cognize really prestigious it is.”

Taylor, 34, besides rolled retired 3 caller integer versions of TTPD successful May conscionable arsenic Billie Eilish, 22, unveiled Hit Me Hard and Soft — and manufacture insiders fishy nan “Bad Blood” vocalist purposely torpedoed her younger competition.

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“Taylor intelligibly wants to support nan occurrence she’s enjoyed and will do everything successful her powerfulness to enactment connected apical of nan charts,” bestselling popular euphony biographer Mark Bego exclusively tells Life & Style. “Even if that intends riling Billie and her fans.”

As antecedently reported, sources person accused nationalist sweetheart Taylor of being a concealed mean girl.

The beautiful billionaire has dominated nan charts — and grown her phenomenal luck — by redoing 4 of her first six records aft intermezo mogul Scooter Braun scooped up their masters successful 2019 for $300 cardinal — and she has urged fans to bargain her caller albums truthful her nemesis can’t gain immoderate rate from nan sales.

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