Biden's former press secretary shares ghoulish theory of why Republicans are still supporting Trump

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  • Jen Psaki said astir Republicans she said wanted to beryllium 'close to power' 
  • 'Maybe he'll spell to jail. Maybe he will dice ... Who knows what's successful their minds? 

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor

Published: 12:33 EDT, 8 May 2024 | Updated: 13:42 EDT, 8 May 2024

Former White House property caput Jen Psaki turned to 'morbid' thoughts erstwhile contemplating why immoderate Republicans proceed to support Republican Donald Trump.

The Biden flack-turned MSNBC big ruminated connected nan taxable successful an quality connected NBC's 'Morning Joe,' wherever she discussed erstwhile Trump AG Bill Barr's determination to propulsion his support to Trump, 77, contempt calling his theories of large-scale predetermination fraud 'bull****.'

'I deliberation galore of them want to beryllium adjacent to power. They besides presume aliases person this thought successful their mind that "maybe Donald Trump will spell away,' Psaki said connected nan program. 

'Maybe he'll spell to jail. Maybe he will die. Not to beryllium excessively morbid, but maybe, I mean, he's not a young man. Who knows what's successful their minds? They think, "Maybe I will beryllium down nan Oval Office. Maybe I will beryllium successful nan Oval Office."

'Maybe he'll spell to jail. Maybe he will die,' erstwhile White House property caput Jen Psaki said erstwhile asked to explicate starring Republicans who proceed to backmost Donald Trump

Psaki, who preceded Karine Jean-Pierre arsenic property caput to President Joe Biden, 81, applauded erstwhile authorities Lieutenant Gov. Geoff Duncan for his determination to cross statement lines to support her erstwhile boss, and wondered why much starring Republicans don't do nan same. 

Duncan criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Barr, and New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, calling their reasoning 'dead wrong.'

'There needs to beryllium much Geoff Duncans retired there,' said Psaki, a erstwhile Obama charismatic who is hawking a caller book, called 'Say More.'

She blasted officials who are hugging Trump pinch opportunities to get connected his vice statesmanlike database aliases onshore an important perch should he retake nan White House, successful an quality flagged by nan Washington Examiner.

Biden, 81, continues to way Trump successful nan polls, though nan title tightened past period successful sentiment surveys

Trump enjoys legions of apical Republican support moreover while connected proceedings successful Manhattan. He mislaid astir 20 per cent of nan GOP ballot successful Indiana to erstwhile statesmanlike force Nikki Haley, a imaginable informing sign

Psaki is promoting a caller book

An MSNBC sheet chat analyzed why Bill Barr and others still backmost Trump

She said of South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott, 'That's embarrassing to watch.  Cringey. I've watched it galore times.'

But she was flummoxed arsenic to Barr's reasoning aft his disapproval of Trump. Barr revealed his determination aft publically breaking pinch Trump, saying he was more concerned astir nan risk from nan 'far left' nether Biden.

 'That guy's not going to beryllium successful authorities again,' she said. 'Those are group who are fearful of nan mob coming retired against them.'

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