Biden warns Israel he will stop sending U.S. bombs and artillery rounds if there is a major invasion of Rafah and claims American explosives have been used to kill civilians

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President Joe Biden connected Wednesday said U.S. bombs person been utilized to termination civilians successful Rafah and that he would region much arms shipments to Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launches a full-scale invasion.

'Civilians person been killed successful Rafah arsenic a consequence of those bombs and different ways they spell aft organization centers. I made it clear that if they spell into Rafah – they haven't gone into Raffa yet - I'm not supplying nan weapons,' Biden said successful an question and reply pinch CNN.

The president, past week, delayed nan transportation of 3,500 bombs to nan U.S.'s Middle East ally. It was nan first clip he utilized his executive powerfulness to power Israel's attack to its warfare pinch Hamas

President Biden said nan U.S. would not proviso nan bombs to thief Israel invade Rafah

He reiterated his support for Israel successful his question and reply pinch Erin Burnett. 

'We're going to proceed to make judge Israel is unafraid successful position of Iron Dome and their expertise to respond to attacks for illustration nan 1 came retired astatine slightest recently. But it's conscionable wrong. We're not gonna - we're not gonna proviso nan weapons and artillery shells used,' he said.

He noted Israel has not launched a full-scale penetration yet - conscionable crossed nan separator but definitive vexation nan penetration has trim disconnected a important proviso statement via Egpyt to bring successful much-humanitarian assistance to nan Palestinian refugees successful Gaza. 

‘They haven't gotten successful nan organization centers - what they did is correct connected nan separator and it's causing problems pinch - correct now - successful position of Egypt, which I've worked very difficult make judge we person a narration and thief but I've made it clear to Bibi and nan warfare furniture – they’re not going to get our support if, successful fact, they spell into these organization centers,' he said.

Israel has downplayed nan administration's determination to withhold nan 1,800 2,000-pound and 1,700 500-pound bombs. 

The management besides is reviewing whether to clasp backmost early transfers, including guidance kits that person alleged dumb bombs into precision-guided munitions, according to reports.

Many Democrats person urged nan president to limit arms shipments to Israel retired of interest they will beryllium utilized against guiltless civilians. 

Israel heavy relies connected nan U.S. to banal its military. Many of nan drones utilized past period to ward disconnected Iranian missiles were American-made and U.S. forces helped antagonistic nan bombing. 

Biden's determination comes arsenic he has struggled to equilibrium his support for Israel aft nan October 7th onslaught by Hamas with his efforts to protect nan civilian organization of Palestine.

About a cardinal refugees person crowded into Rafah. Biden connected Monday warned Netanyahu against a full-scale battle of Rafah.  

But, connected Monday, Israel's subject warned astir 110,000 civilians to time off Rafah, and hours later its tanks moved in. It was not a full-scale penetration but immoderate interest that 1 is imminent.

Israel has threatened a awesome battle connected area to conclusion thousands of Hamas fighters it says are holed up there. 

Smoke rises pursuing Israeli airstrike connected Rafah - Israel relies heavy connected nan U.S. to banal its military

A Palestinians child, injured pursuing an Israeli strike, is checked by nan medics

Republicans blasted nan administration's determination to hold nan explosive delivery.

Speaker Mike Johnson and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell demanded answers connected why nan explosive shipment was delayed and said they had to study astir it from media reports and not nan administration.

'We were alarmed by media reports that your Administration had delayed nan transportation of a assortment of weapons shipments bound for Israel. This news flies successful nan look of assurances provided regarding nan timely transportation of information assistance to Israel,' they wrote to Biden successful a associated letter.

Senator Lindsey Graham rebuked nan administration.

'This is obscene. It is absurd. Give Israel what they need,' Graham said, noting it wasn't for Washington to second-guess really Israel fought a warfare against Hamas militants bent connected Israel's destruction.

Senator Deb Fischer, who sits connected nan Senate Armed Services Committee, called connected Biden to driblet 'his politically-motivated hold'.

'American support for Israel cannot beryllium successful doubt, particularly now,' she said.

And Representatives Mike Rogers, nan Chairman of nan House Armed Services Committee, and Michael McCaul, nan Chairman of nan House Foreign Affairs Committee, released a associated connection calling connected nan bombs to beryllium delivered.

'We are appalled that nan management paused important arms shipments to Israel. Withholding arms to Israel weakens Israel's deterrence against Iran and its proxies for illustration Hamas and Hezbollah,' they said.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials are worried that Israel now controls the Gaza broadside of a crossing to Egypt that is simply a awesome conduit for humanitarian aid. 

Gaza is experiencing a humanitarian situation and famine-like conditions.  

The seizure and nan closing of nan Kerem Shalom crossing, nan only 2 awesome introduction points successful nan southbound for food, medicine and different supplies, has prompted worries nan situation could worsen.

White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre said nan management has reassurance nan crossing has been reopened.

'We person been told by Israel that that has been opened. It is important to get those trucks in. It is important to get that assistance into Gaza. So, that's what we want to see,' she said Wednesday.

'We cognize really dire nan business is successful Gaza. We want to proceed to get that humanitarian aid, and we want a ceasefire. We want a ceasefire,' she noted.

A Palestinians kid injured pursuing an Israeli onslaught is brought towards Al Kuwaiti Hospital successful Rafa

An Israeli self-propelled howitzer fires a ammunition to nan Gaza Strip adjacent nan Kerem Shalom crossing

Meanwhile, Netanyahu was expected to meet CIA head William Burns connected Wednesday day successful Israel,  an Israeli charismatic told nan New York Times.

Burns has been successful nan Middle East trying to finalize a cease-fire woody betwixt Israel and Hamas that would spot nan merchandise of hostages.

Hamas' Oct. 7 onslaught killed astir 1,200 group pinch astir 250 others abducted, of whom 133 are believed to stay successful captivity successful Gaza, according to Israel.

Israel's run to destruct Hamas has truthful acold killed a full of 34,789 Palestinians, mostly civilians, nan Gaza Health Ministry said.

White House spokesperson John Kirby said connected Tuesday that nan negotiations were astatine a 'sensitive stage' and that 'there should beryllium nary logic why they can't flooded those remaining gaps.' 

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