Disgust as footage emerges of a wounded Palestinian man strapped to hood of an IDF jeep as Middle East conflict continues to rage

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Horror footage has emerged of a wounded Palestinian strapped to nan hood of an IDF jeep during an apprehension ambush successful nan West Bank metropolis of Jenin arsenic nan conflict successful nan Middle East rages on.

The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed Saturday's incident aft it was captured connected video and wide shared connected societal media - eliciting disgusted reactions from viewers online.

The disturbing footage showed a bloody Palestinian resident of Jenin, locally identified arsenic Mujahed Azmi, tied to nan beforehand of nan conveyance that passed betwixt 2 ambulances.

In a statement, nan Israeli subject said Israeli forces were fired astatine and exchanged fire, earlier wounding a 'suspect' and apprehending him.

The IDF admitted soldiers past violated subject protocol during nan barbaric act.

An injured Palestinian man was filmed strapped to nan bonnet of an IDF conveyance during an apprehension ambush connected nan West Bank metropolis of Jenin connected Saturday

The subject conveyance passed betwixt 2 ambulances pinch nan man, identified locally as Mujahed Azmi, tied to nan front

'This greeting [Saturday], during counter-terrorism operations to apprehend wanted suspects successful nan area of Wadi Burqin, terrorists opened occurrence astatine IDF troops, who responded pinch fire,' nan connection said.

'During nan speech of fire, 1 of nan suspects was injured and apprehended.

'In usurpation of orders and modular operating procedures, nan fishy was taken by nan forces while tied connected apical of a vehicle.

'The behaviour of nan forces successful nan video of nan incident does not conform to nan values of nan IDF. The incident will beryllium investigated and dealt pinch accordingly.'

Azmi's family said that erstwhile they asked for an ambulance, nan service took him, strapped him to nan bonnet of their jeep and drove disconnected - moreover though he was injured.

He was yet transferred to nan Red Crescent for treatment.

Speaking to Mondoweiss, a 13-year-old who witnessed an Israeli subject cognition carried retired by typical forces connected Saturday successful Jenin said: 'When I saw nan business soldiers shooting wrong nan room, I put my caput nether nan broad and hid'.

Another alleged eyewitness told nan publication: 'They (Hamas militants) appeared to beryllium toying pinch him for amusement'.

There has been a surge successful unit successful nan West Bank since nan opening of nan Israel-Gaza warfare connected October 7.

Hamas' unprecedented onslaught connected a confederate Israel euphony show resulted successful nan deaths of much than 1,170 people, mostly civilians, according to Israeli charismatic figures.

During their attack, militants besides seized astir 251 hostages. Israel estimates 128 of them stay successful Gaza including 36 who nan subject says are dead.

Israel's retaliatory violative has killed astatine slightest 34,971 group successful Gaza, mostly women and children, according to nan Hamas-run territory's wellness ministry.

The shocking footage of nan injured Palestinian man tied to nan vehicles hood comes aft Israel conducted airstrikes successful Gaza City connected Saturday that near mote than 3 twelve group dead, according to section officials.

The Washington Post reported that nan strikes caused 'significant harm and a monolithic crater... successful nan densely built al-Shati exile campy successful occidental Gaza City'. 

Israel claimed it was targeting a brace of 'Hamas subject sites' but it was not instantly made clear really galore of nan casualties were civilians.

Another 18 Palestinians were killed successful a onslaught connected houses successful nan city's Al Tuffah neighbourhood, nan head of nan Hamas-run authorities media office, Ismail Al Thawabta told Reuters.

The Israeli subject confirmed successful a connection connected Saturday that nan IDF combatant jets 'struck 2 Hamas subject infrastructure sites successful nan are of Gaza City,' while adding it would merchandise much specifications later. 

Hamas did not remark connected whether its subject infrastructure had been hit, arsenic per nan Israeli claim.

Hamas said nan attacks targeted nan civilian population. The group vowed successful a statement: 'The business and its Nazi leaders will salary nan value for their violations against our people.'

The tract of Israeli strikes connected houses, amid Israel-Hamas conflict, astatine al-Shati exile campy successful Gaza City, June 22, 2024

People make their measurement done nan rubble of buildings destroyed during Israeli bombardment astatine al-Shati exile campy successful Gaza City

Rescuers douse nan flames connected a building destroyed during Israeli bombardment astatine al-Shati exile campy connected Saturday

A boy carries salvaged items from nan rubble of a building destroyed by Hamas militants astatine nan Gaza City exile camp. Israel claimed it was targeting a brace of 'Hamas subject sites' but it was not instantly made clear really galore of nan casualties were civilians

The International Committee of nan Red Cross said 25 group were killed successful shelling connected nan al-Mawasi area that damaged its Gaza agency connected June 21, 2024

A Palestinian man points to ashes successful a tented area, nan time aft a onslaught connected nan al-Mawasi area, northwest of nan Palestinian metropolis of Rafah connected June 22, 2024

The bid of airstrikes followed a deadly incident connected Friday which saw 'heavy calibre projectiles' landing adjacent an agency of nan International Committee of nan Red Cross (ICRC) successful nan Mawasi area of Rafah.

Some 25 group died and 50 were near injured arsenic a consequence of nan attack, nan Hamas-run wellness ministry said.

The ICRC condemned nan incident successful a connection posted to X, formerly Twitter.

'Firing truthful dangerously adjacent to humanitarian structures puts nan lives of civilians and Red Cross unit astatine risk,' it wrote. 

'This sedate information incident is 1 of respective successful caller days; antecedently stray bullets person reached ICRC structures. We decry these incidents that put nan lives of humanitarians and civilians astatine risk.'

Israel claimed it had not straight attacked a Red Cross facility, though nan subject said it would analyse nan allegations. 

Saturday's incident besides recalled scenes from nan Second Intifada - 'The Second Uprising' by Palestinians against nan Israeli business betwixt 2000 and 2005 - erstwhile Israeli troops were criticised for tying Palestinians, including a 13-year-old boy, to nan beforehand of an service vehicle.

The United Nations dubbed nan incident arsenic an illustration of 'human shielding successful action'.

The usage of quality shielding is prohibited by world law, and nan IDF was banned from utilizing Palestinian civilians arsenic quality shields by nan Supreme Court but has ben accused of utilizing nan believe connected aggregate occasions since.

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