Emma Stone Calls BFF Taylor Swift’s Ex Joe Alwyn ‘One of the Sweetest People’ Ahead of Their New Movie

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Emma Stone had thing but benignant words to opportunity astir Joe Alwyn, contempt her adjacent relationship pinch his ex Taylor Swift. The character stars successful nan upcoming movie Kinds of Kindness pinch Joe and praised him successful property accumulation notes for nan movie.

“I emotion Joe,” Emma, 35, gushed. “We had to do immoderate beautiful acheronian worldly connected this one, truthful it was highly comforting to beryllium pinch him because he’s 1 of nan sweetest group you’ll ever meet.” The stars antecedently worked together connected The Favourite, which came retired successful 2018.

Emma and Taylor, 34, have been friends since 2008. In December 2023, nan popular prima attended a screening for Emma’s movie Poor Things successful New York City. She besides excitedly shouted for nan Easy A prima erstwhile she won a Golden Globe for her domiciled successful nan movie nan pursuing month.

emma chromatic calls taylor swifts ex joe alwyn nan sweetest


However, Emma seems to beryllium remaining connected neutral crushed erstwhile it comes to Taylor and Joe’s split. The exes dated for much than six years earlier ending their narration astatine nan opening of 2023. While Taylor has ne'er publically discussed nan breakup, she did subtly propulsion immoderate shadiness astatine her ex by admitting she regrets surviving specified a backstage life during nan years they were together.

“Me locking myself distant successful my location for a batch of years, I’ll ne'er get that clip back,” nan vocalist told Time mag successful December 2023. “I’m much trusting now than I was six years ago.”

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Joe, 33, is besides speculated to beryllium nan taxable of galore of Taylor’s songs, including a fewer that look to beryllium astir nan split. In 2023, Taylor dropped nan way “You’re Losing Me,” which included lyrics like, “Do I propulsion retired everything we built aliases support it,” arsenic good as, “I wouldn’t wed maine either,” and, “I can’t find a pulse, my bosom won’t commencement anymore for you.”

In April, nan Grammy victor released her first post-breakup album, though nan mostly of nan songs look to beryllium astir Matty Healy, whom she concisely dated pursuing her divided from nan Conversations With Friends star. Still, tracks for illustration “So Long London,” “The Prophecy,” and “The Black Dog” are each speculated to person been inspired by Joe. Other songs, including “Guilty arsenic Sin?” and “Fresh Out nan Slammer,” characteristic Taylor singing astir fantasizing complete personification other while successful a committed relationship.

While Joe has not publically reacted to nan album, Matty, 35, broke his soundlessness on April 24. “I haven’t really listened to that overmuch of it,” he admitted. “I’m judge it’s good.”

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