Ex-MLB star Sean Burroughs' cause of death revealed - after he collapsed while coaching his son's Little League team at the age of 43

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  • He antecedently battled intoxicant and supplier problems earlier turning his life around 

By Ben Nagle

Published: 21:09 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 21:13 EDT, 10 July 2024

Former MLB prima and Olympic golden medalist Sean Burroughs died from an accidental fentanyl overdose while coaching his son's Little League team, a coroner has ruled.

Burroughs, who was 43 erstwhile he died, was recovered unresponsive adjacent to his car successful Long Beach aft he didn't move up for nan commencement of his son's crippled successful May.

No origin of decease was revealed astatine nan time, but nan Los Angeles County Coroner has now ruled that he died of fentanyl intoxication.

His decease has been ruled arsenic accidental and nary further investigation will return place.

Burroughs, a erstwhile first-round MLB draught pick, played 7 seasons successful nan awesome leagues. He was nan boy of 1974 American League MVP Jeff Burroughs.

Former MLB infielder Sean Burroughs died from fentanyl intoxication astatine nan property of conscionable 43

The ex-San Diego Padres 3rd baseman collapsed while coaching his son's Little League team 

The Atlanta-born 3rd baseman spent nan first 3 years of his pro profession successful San Diego aft being taken retired of precocious schoolhouse successful California by nan Padres pinch nan ninth wide prime astatine nan 1998 MLB Draft.

In nan 2003 play he yet became a cardinal personnel of San Diego's roster, hitting .286 complete 146 games, before hitting .298 complete 130 games nan pursuing year.

However, heading into nan 2006 play Burroughs recovered himself backmost successful nan insignificant leagues pinch nan Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who released him that August. Then came a stint pinch nan Seattle Mariners, wherever he would play conscionable 4 games pinch the Triple-A Tacoma earlier stepping distant from nan athletics for 3 years.

'I conscionable didn't person nan thrust aliases nan passion,' he told ESPN successful an question and reply successful June 2011 of his determination to locomotion distant from nan game. 'I was spent physically and spent mentally. It conscionable wasn't there. 

Burroughs, pictured pinch Arizona Diamondbacks proprietor Ken Kendrick aft winning nan National League West Division successful 2011, appeared successful 528 awesome convention games

'I was emotionally drained. I still loved nan crippled and respected nan game, but I didn't person nan thrust to spell to nan parkland each day. I benignant of mislaid nan desire.'

In his clip distant from baseball, nan erstwhile No. 9 Draft prime suffered individual difficulties, spiraling into portion and supplier maltreatment anterior to his eventual return astatine nan property of 30 - having achieved sobriety pursuing a acheronian play successful his life.

In nan ESPN interview, Burroughs said that successful portion of nan span successful which he was retired of baseball, he was a constituent abuser surviving successful inexpensive motels successful Las Vegas and eating retired of trash cans. It lasted until he looked successful nan mirror, decided he didn't admit himself and vowed to move things around.

He moved backmost into his puerility home, nether nan location rules, and worked himself backmost into shot shape.

He encountered individual difficulties successful a three-year spell retired of shot from 2008-11

And having conquered those demons, a 30-year-old Burroughs was backmost successful nan awesome leagues pinch nan Arizona Diamondbacks successful 2011, wherever he spent 1 play earlier a little stint pinch nan Minnesota Twins.

He played 79 games pinch nan independent Long Island Ducks (2015-16), winning nan Atlantic League batting title successful 2015.

In his awesome convention career, Burroughs appeared successful 528 games, batted .278, deed 12 location runs and drove successful 143.

As good arsenic enjoying respective years successful MLB, Burroughs was besides a personnel of nan Gold-medal winning USA squad astatine nan 2000 Olympic Games successful Sydney. 

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