Florida man claims Adderall turned him psychotic and caused terrifying seizures - now he's suing CVS and Costco for prescribing it

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A Florida man claims to person suffered seizures and a haunting psychosis aft taking 'too much' of nan communal ADHD supplier Adderall.

In a landmark case, Robert Buckley has accused drugstore giants of prescribing excessively overmuch of nan medicine, which is said to person caused nan terrifying broadside effects. 

The man is now suing Costco, CVS and Publix — nan stores that filled his prescription, according to tribunal filings. 

Mr Buckley is seeking a proceedings by assemblage arsenic good arsenic $50,000 successful damages from nan awesome outlets.

The supra chart shows really prescriptions for Adderall hae continued to surge successful nan US

He is suing 5 pharmacies including 1 tally by CVS (pictured) and 3 tally by Publix (one besides pictured)

The lawsuit, revenge to the Circuit Court successful Orange County, reads: 'Buckley suffered from an overdose causing psychosis, suffers seizures, and now suffers imperishable injuries.'  The quality of these injuries is not yet clear.

'[He will now] beryllium obligated to salary ample sums of money for doctor's bills, infirmary bills and different nonstop and indirect related expenses successful an effort to alleviate his suffering and cure his injuries.'

Little different specifications connected nan lawsuit were revealed successful nan filing, including erstwhile nan man took nan Adderall aliases what dose he was using.

It is conscionable nan latest of respective lawsuits claiming that nan supplier has been overprescribed to individuals - aliases that patients were not decently warned astir nan side-effects.

In 2019, a family expert successful Vermont was fined $2,500 for overprescribing Adderall to a diligent without decently documenting curen aliases monitoring its use. 

In different lawsuit revenge successful April 2022, a erstwhile telehealth executive claimed nan prescribing patient he worked for was giving retired excessively overmuch ADHD medicine for profit.

Amanda Bynes, 38, is among those to antecedently propose that utilizing Adderall gave her psychosis.

In an question and reply pinch PEOPLE in 2018, she said: 'I decidedly abused Adderall [after] reference an article successful a mag that called it "the caller skinny pill" and they were talking astir really women were taking it to enactment thin.'

Amanda Byrnes, who was addicted to Adderall, has antecedently said she whitethorn person suffered from psychosis

The actress, who besides took marijuana, added: 'I don't cognize if it was a drug-induced psychosis aliases what, but it affected my encephalon successful a different measurement than it affects different people. It perfectly changed my cognition of things.'

Some 45million Americans are prescribed Adderall each twelvemonth — pinch prescriptions surging 30 percent since 2019.

Adderall is simply a stimulant that useful by boosting levels of hormones successful encephalon areas progressive pinch attraction and attention. 

In ADHD, patients are lacking successful immoderate of these hormones, specified arsenic dopamine, which is thought to explicate nan problem focusing for agelong periods. 

The medicine intends to reconstruct nan equilibrium of these chemicals, improving concentration.

However, broadside effects are known to see hallucinations arsenic good arsenic dizziness, slowed reside and accrued irritability.

It tin besides raise nan consequence of seizures erstwhile taken successful precocious doses, which is thought to beryllium owed to excessive merchandise of other encephalon hormones. 

The uptick successful users has besides led to shortages successful caller years, leaving those diagnosed pinch attraction shortage hyperactive upset (ADHD) struggling to entree a medicine they need.

Experts person warned galore whitethorn beryllium utilizing nan medicine unnecessarily owed to incorrect ADHD diagnoses.

Dr Joanna Moncrieff, a world-renowned psychiatrist astatine University College London, warned of nan emergence saying: 'There is specified request for it [Adderall] from patients that doctors consciousness pressurised to springiness these diagnoses.

'It's now go truthful communal I consciousness it's really go astir adjacent pressure, group cognize different group pinch a test and almost consciousness that if they don't get 1 they're letting themselves down.'

Celebrities that person been diagnosed pinch nan information see Harry Potter prima Emma Watson, character Channing Tatum and British vocalist Lily Allen.

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