Horror as teenage tourist is attacked by a bear which then dropped her 330ft down a cliff to her death in front her shocked boyfriend while she was hiking in Romania

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A teen successful Romania has been killed successful a carnivore onslaught aft she was dragged and past dropped by nan animal 330 feet down a cliff while connected a hike pinch her boyfriend. 

The unnamed 19-year-old female was hiking successful nan Bucegi mountains successful cardinal Romania, adjacent nan metropolis of Brasov, connected Tuesday erstwhile she was attacked and dragged distant by nan animal. 

According to nan victim's boyfriend, nan carnivore first grabbed nan woman's limb and hauled her disconnected nan way earlier throwing her 330 feet down a cliff, wherever her assemblage was later recovered and recovered by emergency services. 

In bid to retrieve nan body, rescuers faced a difficult ngo arsenic nan animal remained nearby. This resulted successful them having to put down nan vicious bear, who remained adjacent and was peculiarly aggressive, according to authorities. 

The victim's boyfriend, whose personality is besides not known, was unharmed. 

Pictured: A carnivore successful nan mountains of Romania. On Tuesday, a 19-year-old female successful Romania was attacked and killed by a bear 

The onslaught happened successful nan Bucegi mountains successful cardinal Romania, adjacent nan metropolis of Brasov, connected Tuesday

Pictured: Dragon's Ridge successful nan Bucegi Mountains, wherever Tuesday's carnivore onslaught happened

Speaking to CNN's Antena 3,  president of Salvamont Romania, nan country's upland rescue services, Sabin Corniou said: 'From nan accusation we have, nan carnivore attacked nan young female connected nan trail, dragged her into nan vegetation adjacent to nan trail, and location successful this vegetation dropped her into a chasm and fell there. The carnivore came down aft her.' 

'My colleagues went down into nan abyss, wherever unfortunately, nan injuries nan unfortunate had were incompatible pinch life,' he added. 

Speaking to different outlet, EuropaFM, Cornoiu said:  'This is simply a business we person not encountered before. [...] We person had situations wherever animals came, threatened, demanded food, and made their beingness felt to person something. But here, it seems we are already talking astir a nonstop attack, and this is not emblematic of bears. It needs to beryllium seen precisely what influenced it. Maybe nan heat, possibly immoderate illness nan animal is suffering from. We request to spot precisely what changed its behaviour truthful radically that we extremity up pinch specified events'.

According to authorities figures, location are around 8,000 brownish bears successful nan Romanian Carpathians. It is nan 2nd largest carnivore organization successful Europe aft Russia. 

The World Animal Foundation said that betwixt 2016 and 2021, Romania had knowledgeable 14 fatalities and 158 injuries from carnivore attacks. 

The astir caller carnivore onslaught successful Romainia comes aft a British female was mauled by a carnivore while visiting nan country. Her injuries were not life threatening

The Scottish tourist, 72, was driving done connected a upland roadworthy successful Romania erstwhile she came crossed 2 bears

After deciding she wanted to return a selfie pinch nan bear, she rolled down her car model but 1 of nan predators had jumped onto its hind legs 

The onslaught comes conscionable months aft an elderly British tourer was mauled by a ferocious bear aft she lowered her car model to return a selfie pinch successful while visiting Romania.

The 72-year-old Scottish female was driving connected nan Transfăgărășan upland roadworthy successful Argeş County, connected April 22, erstwhile she came crossed 2 bears.

As she stopped nan car to threat a photograph pinch nan awesome predators, 1 of nan bears leaped onto its hind legs straight extracurricular her vehicle.

The tourer bravely rolled down her model to get a amended position of nan beast, preparing her telephone for nan photo.

But successful a grisly twist of events, nan carnivore pounced guardant and mauled her correct arm.

Her recreation companion quickly stepped connected nan state arsenic nan brace fled nan scary scene, making a hopeless effort to flight further attack.

The female was dashed to a adjacent infirmary pursuing nan sadistic onslaught successful nan Carpathian Mountains.

Her injuries were not life-threatening, however. 

Romania's Environment Minister Mircea Fechet has been calling for higher quotas for bears to beryllium changeable to forestall sadistic attacks. 

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