How YOU could decide how taxpayer dollars are spent in the U.S.: Republican law could stop trillions from going overseas

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  • Rep. Tory Nehls, R-Texas, introduced nan Spend it astatine Home Act Wednesday
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By Jon Michael Raasch, Political Reporter On Capitol Hill, For Dailymail.Com

Published: 11:05 EDT, 9 May 2024 | Updated: 11:12 EDT, 9 May 2024

A Republican-led effort could soon alteration taxpayers to determine whether they want their money shelled out to projects wrong nan U.S. aliases abroad. 

The 'Spend It At Home Act' would require nan U.S. Treasury Department to see provisions connected national income taxation forms allowing payers to determine whether they want their taxes to beryllium utilized for domestic aliases world purposes. 

It would besides require nan Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to make that information publically disposable astatine nan extremity of nan twelvemonth truthful Americans tin spot wherever payer dollars are being spent. 

'I've heard clip and clip again from my constituents that they are sick and tired of paying taxes to unafraid Ukraine's borders, arsenic millions of aliens are flooding crossed our own,' Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, who introduced nan measure Wednesday, exclusively told 

The Spend It At Home Act would require nan IRS to adhd a proviso to national income taxation forms asking payers whether they would for illustration their taxes spent connected home purposes aliases world purposes

Rep. Tory Nehls, R-Texas, introduced nan measure Wednesday and told he hopes nan information gathered by nan IRS astir wherever payers want their taxes spent will amended pass Congress connected early spending decisions

Nehls and different likeminded conservatives person taken rumor pinch really overmuch backing has been sent to different countries, for illustration Ukraine, arsenic U.S. priorities person not received arsenic overmuch money

'Requiring 2 boxes connected nan national income taxation shape asking Americans whether they would want their hard-earned dollars spent astatine location aliases overseas is simply a elemental solution to show Chuck Schumer and others waiving Ukrainian flags connected nan House level that we are not doing nan will of nan American people.'

'I ever put America First, and I dream nan information produced by this authorities will promote my colleagues to do nan same,' Nehls continued. 

The preamble of nan measure comes conscionable weeks aft Congress approved $95 cardinal successful supplemental spending for U.S. allies successful nan Indo-Pacific, notably Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel. 

Many hardline conservatives, for illustration Nehls, voted against nan assistance for nan countries astatine conflict, saying nan woody 'puts America last' and did thing to unafraid nan U.S.-Mexico border. 

Shortly aft nan measure passed connected April 20, House Democrats began waving miniature Ukraine flags connected nan enclosure floor. 

This disgusted galore successful nan House GOP and led to Rep. Anna Paulina Luna rebuking nan liberals, saying 'Put those damn flags away.'

According to nan caller measure text, 'The Secretary of nan Treasury shall guarantee that each Federal income taxation shape includes a proviso that allows nan payer to bespeak whether nan Federal income taxes paid by nan payer pinch respect to nan taxable twelvemonth to which specified taxation shape relates should beryllium utilized by nan Federal Government for home purposes, aliases world purposes.' 

The measurement is besides co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Barry Moore of Alabama. 

'Nearly half of American taxpayers person said nan national authorities is sending excessively overmuch money to Ukraine, but President Biden and nan uniparty conscionable defied them and sent different $61 cardinal anyway,' Moore told successful a statement. 

The U.S. has sent complete $100 cardinal to Ukraine since Russia invaded nan state successful 2022, overmuch of it for weapons systems for illustration the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) arsenic shown above

'This authorities gives taxpayers a chance to make their voices heard connected wherever their hard-earned money is being spent,' Moore continued.

Interestingly, nan measure would beryllium paid for by clawing backmost money allocated for an further 87,000 IRS agents successful President Biden's signature Inflation Reduction Act. 

According to Nehls' office, a information of nan backing earmarked for nan IRS auditors has not been spent yet, and arsenic it is unobligated, it could beryllium made disposable to salary for nan 'Spend It At Home Act.' 

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