Jason Kelce goes crazy in hilarious clip from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show as Eagles icon jumps around to 'Shake It Off' next to brother Travis in London

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  • Travis and Jason attended nan first 2 days of Swift's Eras Tour astatine Wembley
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By Oliver Salt

Published: 00:56 EDT, 23 June 2024 | Updated: 01:02 EDT, 23 June 2024

It looks for illustration Jason Kelce whitethorn person taken Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' opus a small excessively virtually connected Saturday night.

Kelce headed backmost to Wembley Stadium for nan 2nd of Swift's London Eras Tour shows on pinch relative Travis - who has been making love nan popular megastar for nan past twelvemonth - and his woman Kylie aft each 3 of them attended nan first connected Friday.

They were surrounded by a big of A-list celebrities astatine nan concert, including Tom Cruise, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Hugh Grant.

Yet contempt nan stellar names successful their VIP tent, Jason had nary qualms pulling retired his craziest creation moves erstwhile rocking retired to 1 of Swift's astir celebrated songs.

In a hilarious clip circulating online, nan Philadelphia Eagles fable tin beryllium seen jumping up and down while throwing his caput astir arsenic his brother's woman performed 'Shake It Off'.

Jason Kelce (top left) was seen going crazy adjacent to relative Travis astatine Taylor Swift's concert

Taylor Swift has a trance connected everyone.

Tom Cruise, Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Grant, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Travis Kelce and Jason & Kylie Kelce each dancing to “shake it off”

I’ve ne'er seen Tom truthful relaxed 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/1o0o3A4Cn6

— Chase Daniel (@ChaseDaniel) June 23, 2024

Fans were near successful stitches aft spotting his chaotic antics successful nan stands astatine Wembley, pinch 1 writing: 'Man was really shaking it off'.


A 3rd wrote: 'Jason successful nan inheritance pinch nan moves'.

A 4th commented: 'Jason Kelce seems to beryllium having nan astir fun!'

While 1 joked: 'Has anyone checked connected Kylie lol is she ok…' 

On Friday, Jason and Travis were spotted trading relationship bracelets pinch a Swift instrumentality connected Friday evening arsenic they enjoyed nan songstress' first of 3 shows successful London.

The New Heights podcast duo were watching Swift execute from their VIP shelter erstwhile a young woman gave a achromatic bracelet to three-time Super Bowl champion Travis.

Travis gracefully accepted nan gift arsenic he spun nan bracelet astir his digit while watching his woman connected shape successful beforehand of a sold-out crowd, arsenic shown by viral TikTok footage.

But Jason, 36, besides wanted successful connected nan speech arsenic he swapped bracelets pinch nan instrumentality while impressively holding a brew pinch his mouth. 

Swift is performing a bid of concerts astatine Wembley Stadium successful London complete nan weekend

Jason and Travis were seen swapping relationship bracelets pinch a Swift instrumentality astatine nan singer's sold-out performance connected Friday

He couldn't hide nan grin connected his look erstwhile nan transaction was completed. 

The instrumentality later posted a clip of nan infinitesimal connected TikTok on pinch nan caption: 'so breathtaking to speech @Tayor Swift #friendshipbracelets pinch @Travis Kelce and Jason past nighttime astatine nan #erastour astatine #wembleystadium past night!' 

Friday's show was besides a memorable 1 for nan Kelce's arsenic begetter Ed joined Travis, Jason and Kylie for Swift's first Wembley concert.

In a viral clip, nan 14-time Grammy victor appeared to activity astatine her fellow from nan shape while performing 'So High School'- a opus disconnected her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, that galore judge is written astir Kelce.

Meanwhile, Travis was singing on and performing immoderate creation moves arsenic he swayed to nan deed successful nan stands.

'He looked truthful happy erstwhile she waved astatine him astatine nan beginning,' 1 instrumentality commented.

'Stop it! I can’t extremity smiling,' different added. 'They’re truthful adorable!'

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