Jeopardy! thrown into chaos as Ken Jennings halts show to announce 'INSANE' rulings and dramatically changes the scores: 'I've never seen anything like it'

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Jeopardy! viewers were near pinch whiplash aft Ken Jennings dramatically halted Tuesday night's crippled to make four corrections to nan players' scores successful what has been branded nan astir 'chaotic' section to date.

Halfway done nan instalment, nan 50-year-old big stopped dormant successful his tracks to show contestants Kathy Davis, Anna Paone, and Isaac Hirsch that nan judges had U-turned connected aggregate answers.

As a consequence of the last-minute changes, Isaac's prize cookware importantly jumped from $8,600 to $15,000, while Kathy's dropped from $600 to $200. 

Addressing nan competitors, Ken said: 'I request to update nan scores a spot because our judges person notified maine of immoderate changes.

'Kathy, erstwhile you corrected your consequence from "corroborate" to "corroborated," that was nary longer an 11-letter word. We request to return nan 2nd response. So, you will suffer $1,600 there. 

Ken Jennings dramatically halted Tuesday night's Jeopardy! to make 4 corrections to nan players' scores 

Viewers astatine location person branded nan latest instalment nan astir 'chaotic' section to date

'Isaac, nan bully news is we person ruled we tin judge "char-grilled" alternatively of "char-broiled," so, you get backmost $2,400 there.' 

He continued: 'In that case, Kathy ne'er would person guessed "flame-broiled," truthful she gets backmost $1,200. 

'And finally, past but not least, location is simply a point called a magic triangle, it turns out, and that's a $4,000 plaything for you, Isaac. 

'So, these scores arsenic you spot them are correct.' 

Viewers astatine location couldn't judge nan measurement of reversals, branding them 'wild' and outright 'insane.' 

One Reddit personification said they couldn't 'recall seeing that galore scoring corrections successful a game,' prompting different to respond: 'That was an insane reversal. The full crippled felt very chaotic.' 

Over connected X, 1 instrumentality of nan show said: 'That Jeopardy 4 people correction tally was wild. How did nan judges miss that galore responses? I've ne'er seen thing for illustration it!' 

Another posted: 'Those scoring changes were chaotic connected jeopardy tonight. Don't deliberation I've ever seen that large of plaything before.' 

Ken, 50, paused nan crippled and told nan players: 'I request to update nan scores a spot because our judges person notified maine of immoderate changes'

Isaac's prize cookware jumped from $8,600 to $15,000 arsenic a consequence of nan past infinitesimal changes

'What an insane people update,' a 3rd observed, while a 4th simply wrote: 'Good grief, judges.' 

Some were near fuming astatine nan reversals, pinch 1 writing: 'Rule alteration that would GREATLY amended #Jeopardy: Once you've been ruled correct, nan ruling is final.

'Only incorrectly deemed incorrect answers should alteration scores.'

At nan extremity of nan episode, it was revealed that Isaac had won Final Jeopardy! pinch $19,601 successful his prize pot. 

Viewers were near pinch whiplash aft Ken's reversals, stating they'd ne'er seen thing for illustration it

He is now nan five-day reigning champion and has an awesome full of $120,186. 

It's adjacent to opportunity Jeopardy! rulings person irked fans of late.

Just past week, Ken enraged viewers aft he refused to judge an reply because it had been pluralized.

He sparked contention erstwhile he presented a hint from nan 'Waterfalls' category, asking: 'Yosemite autumn pinch a wispy ribbon of h2o that flutters successful nan aerial for illustration a diaphanous cloth bears nan sanction of this marital wear.'

At nan time, 1 subordinate buzzed successful with: 'What is Bridalveil Falls?'

But Ken refused to judge nan reply because nan subordinate had added an 's' to nan connection 'fall.'

Defending his verdict, Ken said: 'No, I'm sorry. It's really "Bridalveil Fall," truthful we couldn't return that. It is, "What is simply a Bridalveil?"'

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