Kaitlyn Bristowe Details Shocking Thing Ex Jason Tartick Did That Caused a ‘Full Panic Attack’

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Former Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe opened up astir nan ‘full panic attack’ she knowledgeable aft her ex-fiancé Jason Tartick decided to commencement a podcast. 

“When I met Jason, it was very overmuch like, ‘Oh, no, I’m not going to beryllium an influencer, I activity astatine a bank,’” Kaitlyn, 39, recalled during a caller section of nan “Almost Adulting pinch Violet Benson” podcast. “I was like, ‘OK, this is going to activity retired perfectly. He’s a awesome guy, he doesn’t want to beryllium an influencer, he’s going to make hay while nan sun shines because he was connected The Bachelor and he tin bring successful immoderate cash, but really, he’s truthful established successful his slope occupation that we’re going to person our abstracted lives.’”

Jason, 35, later mislaid his job aft Kaitlyn shared “a PG-13 rated comment” connected her “Off nan Vine” podcast, he told Us Weekly in 2022. 

“Her confession was that nan first clip we hooked up, she had an orgasm from dry-humping. That confession deed a batch of headlines and made its measurement backmost to nan office,” he recalled, adding that his institution gave him an ultimatum. 

While Jason was pointing fingers astatine his ex for causing his profession shift, Kaitlyn claimed that his “face-first dive into influencer life” aft losing his occupation caused “resentment.”

“As clip went on, he realized that podcasting is different avenue for income and that he could do a finance podcast,” she told Violet. “Slowly but surely, it was like, ‘He’s decidedly going to do a podcast.’”

She went connected to opportunity that contempt not wanting to coming Jason pinch an ultimatum, she felt he “could beryllium making each this different money successful different avenues.” Jason supposedly accused her of “emotionally and financially stunting [his] growth.”

“I had a afloat panic onslaught because I felt for illustration I wasn’t chosen and that my feelings were not worthy complete money for him,” she claimed, adding, “It did create this resentment and betrayal feeling.”

According to nan Canada native, Jason’s determination to prosecute an influencer manner happened “behind [her] back.”

“I felt for illustration I yet recovered what I was meant to do connected this satellite and stock my sound and make group laughter and person heavy conversations and not truthful heavy conversations. I ever wanted my ain power show,” she continued, claiming that her perfect partner would beryllium a man pinch “a regular job.”

Jason and Kaitlyn began making love successful 2019 aft he appeared connected her podcast, soon aft her divided from ex-fiancé Shawn Booth. 

“When I met him, making love anyone wasn’t moreover connected my radar, particularly making love anyone successful Bachelor world, but thing successful my mind was rooting for him. And I thought, ‘Whoever dates him is simply a fortunate girl,’” she told People. 

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The New York autochthonal popped nan mobility successful May 2021 pinch Kaitlyn calling nan connection “everything I could person asked for.”

Sadly they ne'er made it down nan aisle and announced their split 2 years later successful August 2023. 

“After sharing nan news pinch family and adjacent friends first, and taking nan clip to decently process it ourselves, we are saddened pinch dense hearts to stock that we person decided to extremity our engagement,” nan erstwhile mates shared successful a associated statement. “Continuing our relationship is incredibly important to some of us. We consciousness grateful to beryllium ending our engagement pinch emotion and respect for each other. It’s heartbreaking and sad to opportunity goodbye, but our attraction and admiration for 1 different will ne'er die.”

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