Kevin Costner Confirms He Will Not Return to ‘Yellowstone’ Following Taylor Sheridan Drama

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Goodbye, John Dutton. Kevin Costner confirmed he will not beryllium returning arsenic nan beloved Yellowstone patriarch aft play pinch show creator Taylor Sheridan.

“Hi everyone. I conscionable want to scope retired and fto you cognize that aft this agelong twelvemonth and a half of moving connected Horizon and doing each nan things that that’s required, and reasoning astir Yellowstone — that beloved bid that I love, that I cognize you emotion – I conscionable recognize that I’m not going to beryllium capable to proceed play 5b aliases into nan future,” Kevin, 69, announced via Instagram connected Thursday, June 20. 

He continued, “It was thing that really changed me. I loved it, and I cognize you loved it. I conscionable wanted to fto you cognize that I won’t beryllium returning. I emotion nan narration we’ve been capable to develop, and I’ll spot you astatine nan movies.”

The comments conception of his station was flooded pinch friends and fans expressing their emotions astir nan nonaccomplishment and praising nan legendary character for sharing nan news himself. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson chimed in, writing, “See you astatine nan movies, relative and can’t hold to spot Horizon. We’ll person to drawback different meal soon. Been excessively agelong since New Orleans.”

“You’re nan only logic I watched Yellowstone,” 1 Yellowstone instrumentality wrote. “Nothing worse than a show you emotion not getting a due ending pinch nan characters you love,” different added. Yet different follower wrote, “I’ll beryllium astatine nan movies which is thing I seldom do anymore but this is simply a correction pinch Yellowstone… I can’t ideate really they will decorativeness it giving that nan full crippled is revolving astir John Dutton being politician and Jamie wanting to return it…. I really dream Taylor Sheridan calls you coming and you guys tin activity thing out.”

Yellowstone viewers will apt callback nan play that took spot betwixt nan Dances With Wolves actor and nan 1883 creator pursuing nan first half of play 5. 

A fewer months aft nan November 2022 premiere, Deadline reported that Kevin had a disagreement pinch producers complete nan filming schedule and wanted to movie each 8 episodes of portion 2 successful a week. 

“We are told Paramount Network has declined Costner’s astir caller connection and alternatively has made nan determination to move connected to [other shows],” a root told nan outlet. 

Is Kevin Costner Returning to Yellowstone? His Quotes

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However, Costner’s attorney, Marty Singer, has denied nan claims, saying, “The thought that Kevin was only consenting to activity 1 week connected nan 2nd half of play 5 of Yellowstone is an absolute lie.”

“It’s ridiculous — and anyone suggesting it shouldn’t beryllium believed for 1 second. As everyone who knows thing astir Kevin is good aware, he is incredibly passionate astir nan show and has ever gone measurement supra and beyond to guarantee its success,” he added.

Despite Singer’s denial, nan Field of Dreams actor later admitted to offering to beryllium killed disconnected nan series.

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“At 1 constituent they said to maine that we don’t person an ending aliases anything,” Kevin told GQ successful May. “I said, ‘Well, if you want to termination me, if you want to do thing for illustration that,’ I said, ‘I person a week earlier I commencement [filming Horizon.] I’ll do what you want to do.’”

He added, “My large disappointment is I ne'er heard Paramount aliases 101 really travel to my defense and say, ‘That’s not true. He was going to do 3 much seasons.’ That’s really f–king bothered me, that nary of them would really effort to group nan grounds straight.”

Filming of nan last 8 episodes began past period arsenic nan remainder of nan formed headed backmost to nan mountains.

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