Kim Kardashian sparks shock cosmetic surgery theory after expert spots this one detail at Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian's quality astatine Monday's Met Gala has sparked a caller cosmetic surgery theory. 

The reality TV star, 43, shocked fans with her impossibly bladed waist during fashion's biggest night, pinch immoderate moreover questioning if she had immoderate 'ribs removed' successful bid to fresh into her Maison Margiela corset gown. 

But now, a caller item astir her look has been noted — her soft hands. 

Dana Omari-Harrell, who runs a celebrated integrative surgery-themed Instagram relationship @IGFamousByDana, discussed nan mentation that Kim had 'hand filling', 2 years aft nan star called her hands, 'wrinkly and gross.'

Hand filling is simply a method of injecting dermal fillers into nan backmost of nan hands successful bid to amended nan quality of wrinkles and adhd volume. 

Kim Kardashian's, 43, quality astatine Monday's Met Gala has sparked a caller cosmetic room theory

After showing disconnected her very soft hands astatine nan arena (L) immoderate fans judge nan prima got 'hand filling', a process that involves injecting dermal fillers into nan backmost of nan hands; (R) her hands are pictured in 2022

Sharing a number of photos from nan Met Gala and comparing it to older snaps of Kim, Dana concluded that she thought Kim had her hands done. 

'She whitethorn person done radiesse*, fat transportation aliases sculptra (or a combination!) There are a mates different products group person filling hands pinch too. Lasers and things for illustration microneedling resurface and build collagen but won’t FILL - nevertheless I do judge she’s done laser resurfacing arsenic good arsenic filling,' she wrote successful an Instagram post. 

'(If location are immoderate different manus procedures aliases surgeries.. I person ne'er heard of them aliases cognize immoderate surgeon who performs them).'

Dana added, 'She's besides overmuch thinner now than successful nan befores I pulled (all from 2018-2021) truthful her hands should person moreover little fullness than they do now aft her weight nonaccomplishment - truthful it’s not weight-related.'

The caption went connected to opportunity that Kim has antecedently worn gloves to galore events, and has covered her hands pinch 'sleeves aliases moreover jewelry.' 

'She tends to pinch her hands astatine her wherever nan backs of her hands aren’t visible connected camera.'

In a 2022 question and reply pinch Allure, Kim revealed that she hates her hands, calling them 'wrinkly and gross.' 

Dana Omari-Harrell, who runs a integrative surgery-themed Instagram account, discussed nan mentation while comparing photos of her hands astatine nan Met Gala to older snaps 

Kim besides showed disconnected her wrinkle-less hands while attending the OMR Festival 2024 in Hamburg, Germany connected Tuesday 

It comes 2 years aft Kim called her hands, 'wrinkly and gross' and admitted they were 1 of her insecurities; seen successful 2019 

'I dislike my hands,' nan mother-of-four said successful an question and reply pinch Allure; her manus pictured successful 2015

Kim has antecedently worn gloves to galore events, and has covered her hands pinch sleeves aliases moreover jewelry; seen successful 2022

'I dislike my hands - they're wrinkly and gross,' nan mother of 4 said, adding that 'I've lived life and changed truthful galore diapers pinch these hands and I've snuggled my babies pinch these hands, truthful I'm okay pinch them.'

'I'm astatine bid pinch not being cleanable and I wasn't for illustration that before,' she said.

Adding: '[Getting older] doesn't mean that I won't strive for perfection, but you get to a constituent wherever you're like, "Okay, my wellness is much important than thing else.'

Kim clarified that while she is astatine bid pinch her looks, she would 'still do thing to look and consciousness youthful.'

She revealed successful nan question and reply that she has only done Botox connected her forehead and claims she has not done immoderate filler successful her lips aliases cheeks.

'Never filled either on, ever,' earlier noting that her eyelashes are besides existent and she isn't wearing immoderate extensions.

'I care. I really, genuinely attraction astir looking good,' nan prima said.

'I astir apt attraction much than 90 percent of nan group connected this planet. It's not easy erstwhile you're a mom an d you're exhausted astatine nan extremity of nan time aliases you're successful school, and I'm each of nan above,' Kim explained.

Another apical of chat connected Monday was Kim's shockingly bladed waist.

The reality prima has go known for her curvaceous fig and bodacious behind, but her astir caller Met Gala look near immoderate of her fans surprised.

Kim attended nan coveted arena wearing an astonishingly mini metallic Maison Margiela corset and sheer lacy skirt.

The ensemble, which was designed by John Galliano, sparked fierce interest from societal media users - pinch 1 personification predicting that she'd 'be successful nan infirmary by nan extremity of nan night,' and different asking, 'How galore ribs did she get removed?'

One absorbing manner prime that nan A-lister made was wrapping herself successful a grey knit cropped sweater which felt a spot disjoined from nan remainder of nan look. 

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