King Charles and Queen Camilla tell double-amputee Tony Hudgell they will make sure he can see them after he missed Buckingham Palace garden party because of traffic

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King Charles and Queen Camilla person told double-amputee Tony Hudgell they will make judge he tin spot them aft he missed nan Buckingham Palace plot statement because of traffic. 

The nine-year-old boy, who mislaid some legs to horrific maltreatment by his commencement parents, has been forced to miss nan statement because he sewage stuck successful postulation connected his measurement to London.

Paula Hudgell, Tony's adoptive mother, said connected X that they were 'stuck connected [the] M20 for past 2 hours' and truthful 'won't beryllium making nan King's Garden Party'.

Luckily nan King and Queen made alert of Tony having to miss nan statement arsenic they replied connected X: 'Sorry to perceive this, Tony! We were looking guardant to seeing you too. Fancy trying again different day? Leave it pinch us...' 

The boy from Maidstone, Kent, has had prosthetics connected his little legs since he was a toddler, aft being abused arsenic a baby.

Despite nan horrific maltreatment he suffered, Tony has gone connected to go a fundraiser, and nan recipient of nan Pride of Britain Award and UK Points of Light award. 

King Charles and Queen Camilla (pictured astatine nan statement today) person told double-amputee Tony Hudgell they will make judge he tin spot them aft he missed nan Buckingham Palace plot statement because of traffic

Luckily nan Royal Family was made alert of Tony having to miss nan statement and replied connected X

Tony's relationship connected X said that he was 'stuck connected [the] M20 for past 2 hours' and truthful 'won't beryllium making nan King's Garden Party'

Tony Hudgell is pictured aft having awesome room aft his commencement parents inflicted life changing injuries connected him arsenic a baby

A ROYAL INVITATION: Tony (pictured) displays nan invitation he received to be a plot statement astatine Buckingham Palace

Tony's adoptive mother Paula took to X to uncover nan news, saying that her boy is 'excited' to beryllium attending nan event

Tony's adoptive mother, Paula Hudgell, antecedently took to X to uncover that her boy had received nan breathtaking invitation.

She wrote: 'Tony is complete nan satellite and excited to person been invited by The King to nan Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace this Wednesday - let's dream nan sun is shining.'

What is Tony's Law?

Tony's Law is an amendment to Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that was voted by ministers connected November 30 2021.

It is named aft Tony Hudgell, who was abused by his parents arsenic an babe and suffered life-changing injuries.

His parents, Tony Smith and Jody Simpson, were some jailed for 10 years, which was nan maximum condemnation astatine nan time.

The amendment will summation nan maximum punishment for causing aliases allowing superior beingness harm to a kid from 10 to 14 years, while causing nan decease of a kid will emergence from 14 years to life.

The tougher planned sentences could mean that anyone who causes aliases allows nan decease of a kid aliases susceptible big successful their attraction will look up to life imprisonment, alternatively than nan existent 14-year maximum.

Her words were accompanied by a image of Tony holding nan invitation and smiling arsenic he showed it to nan camera.

The plot statement would not person been his first brushwood pinch royalty: nan nine-year-old has met nan Princess of Wales connected a number of occasions, arsenic good arsenic nan Prince of Wales. 

The royal invitation follows Tony raising £1.8 cardinal for nan Evelina London Children's Hospital (where he received curen pursuing the life-changing injuries inflicted by his commencement parents).

Inspired by Captain Tom Moore's fundraising locomotion successful 2020, astatine nan property of conscionable five, Tony walked 10km connected his prosthetic legs passim June 2020 to raise nan cash.

In summation to raising nan awesome sum, nan youngster also inspired an English rule change, known arsenic 'Tony's Law', enacted successful nan Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022.

Tony's Law calls for accrued situation sentences for those convicted of kid cruelty and neglect.

Tony's biologic parents, Anthony Smith, 47, and Jody Simpson, 24, were each jailed for 10 years successful 2018 for nan torture they inflicted connected their 41-day-old boy successful 2014, leaving him pinch injuries including surgery fingers and toes and torn ligaments.

Despite suffering unspeakable maltreatment successful nan earliest days of his life, small Tony has grown up to beryllium a benignant and wished boy who has raised astir £2 cardinal for kindness by stepping awesome distances connected his crutches.

Last December, Tony and his mother Paula met nan Princess of Wales for nan 2nd clip astatine nan Day Centre astatine nan Westminster Hospital

Despite antecedently gathering Kate astatine nan Princess's Christmas Carol Concert successful Westminster Abbey successful 2021, and again astatine nan Day Centre successful Westminster, Tony appeared bashful arsenic he agreed pinch his mother that nan Princess of Wales is 'beautiful'

Tony has antecedently been hailed a leader by Prince William and woman Kate complete his bonzer fundraising walks to thief susceptible children.

He group retired to raise £500 for nan infirmary that saved his life by stepping 10km successful 30 days successful 2020 aft being inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, who raised much than £33million stepping successful his backyard.

In 2021, a instauration group up successful his sanction to heighten nan lives of children who person been affected by physical, emotional, aliases psychological maltreatment provided much than 700 Christmas presents for youngsters successful need, and it continued nan contented past Christmas too.

The nine-year-old's phenomenal fundraising achievements travel contempt an incredibly reliable commencement to life which led to him undergoing 23 operations and 8 humor transfusions.

The horrific maltreatment he was taxable to by his commencement parents caused superior injuries - and nan babe besides developed sepsis because Smith and Simpson waited 10 days earlier taking him to hospital.

His fortunes turned astir aft his life was saved by specialists astatine nan Evelina London Children's Hospital, of which nan Princess of Wales is an charismatic patron.

Then, successful 2016, he yet recovered a loving location pinch Paula and Mark, who person campaigned tirelessly successful Tony's interests since welcoming him into nan family - including a bid for Tony's Law, which introduced tougher sentences for kid cruelty.

They person besides encouraged his fundraising efforts to thief different children - which person seen him swipe shoulders pinch very celebrated figures.

After completing his large walk, Tony met nan Prince and Princess of Wales who 'spent ages' chatting pinch nan youngster erstwhile nan mates attended Together At Christmas carol performance astatine Westminster Abbey past year. 

He has besides met Prince Harry on pinch a drawstring of celebrities and earlier this twelvemonth he was singled retired for his inspiration by past Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Despite nan attraction attention Paula said of Tony: 'He takes each of it successful his stride, truthful to speak. He is conscionable amazing.

'He's very overmuch a group person. He tin encapture a room of group and will talk to them all.'

In December, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis posted letters to Tony astatine their mother's yearly Christmas service.

To donate to nan family's fundraiser, click here.

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