LA Dodgers' $700m man Shohei Ohtani goes viral for VERY bizarre, X-rated celebration

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By Leocciano Callao

Published: 21:35 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 21:47 EDT, 10 July 2024

Los Angeles Dodgers prima Shohei Ohtani group nan net ablaze pinch what was called a 'bizarre celebration' against nan Philadelphia Phillies connected Wednesday. 

Mere minutes into nan first inning, nan $700million man raised eyebrows aft sliding connected nan ungraded and stealing a guidelines connected apical of nan first inning. 

After stealing nan 2nd guidelines pinch 2 outs, Ohtani popped up, removed his near batting mitt and began shaking it many times adjacent his groin area. 

ESPN's broadcast did not make immoderate comments astir nan motion and near it retired of nan replay. However, fans were speedy to propulsion nan clip and stock their thoughts connected societal media. 

'Someone needs to show Ohtani that [Bryson] Stott is simply a happily joined man,' 1 personification wrote, referring to nan Phillies' 2nd baseman.

Shohei Ohtani went viral for a bizarre ceremony aft stealing a guidelines against nan Phillies 

'He must've mislaid a bet,' different added, while a 3rd suggested 'he won't get fined.' 

'It's bully shot etiquette to blast each complete nan catcher you conscionable ran on,' a 4th commented. 

While galore turned to lewd implementations complete nan celebration, different users pointed retired really nan Japanese prima was shaking ungraded retired of his glove. 

'Genuinely confused arsenic to whether you deliberation he was doing thing crazy aliases conscionable trolling,' wrote 1 user. 'He was shaking ungraded retired of his mitt from nan slide.'

'Shake that ungraded retired that glove, Ohtani,' different echoed pinch a bicep flex emoji. 

In his adjacent move connected nan plate, Ohtani delivered a game-tying RBI azygous to center, going 2-for-2 for nan evening. 

After stealing nan 2nd base, Ohtani proceeded to shingle ungraded disconnected his near batting glove 

Fans were speedy to return nan clip and definitive their thoughts connected nan ceremony connected societal media 

Ohtani is batting .318 pinch 28 location runs, 66 RBI, 22 stolen bases, a 1.039 OPS, and a 5.2 WAR

The two-time AL MVP quickly established himself arsenic a NL MVP campaigner this year, proving worthy of nan lucrative 10-year, $700m statement he inked pinch nan Dodgers successful December. 

After moving from nan Angels successful Orange County, Ohtani is now batting .318 pinch 28 location runs, 66 RBI, 22 stolen bases, a 1.039 OPS, and a 5.2 WAR truthful acold this season. 

The Dodgers held a 55-37 grounds up of nan game.  

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