Man with bizarre habit of eating builder's FOAM suffers deadly tear in his stomach - and the sealant molded to shape of his organs

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  • Doctors were shocked to find nan foam wrong nan person's soul organs
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By Luke Andrews Senior Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:37 EDT, 8 May 2024 | Updated: 16:42 EDT, 8 May 2024

A man astir mislaid his life and suffered a torn tummy aft he ate a works pot's worthy of expandable foam.

The 45-year-old, who was not named, was rushed to room successful South Korea pinch terrible tummy symptom aft 'intentionally' eating nan foam.

Doctors quickly removed nan constituent — commonly utilized to seal cracks successful buildings and successful arts and crafts projects — uncovering it had molded to nan style of his tummy and nutrient pipe.

The worldly was recovered to person pierced done nan delicate tummy lining, resulting successful agonizing symptom which required surgical repair. 

The diligent was kept successful nan portion for 2 weeks aft nan procedure, earlier being sent home.

The supra image shows nan foam extracted from nan man, connected nan near is nan imprint of nan tummy and little portion of nan esophagus connected nan foam

A US female called Jennifer has antecedently admitted to eating foam, saying she has sewage done arsenic galore arsenic 8 mattresses wrong 20 years

Thankfully, he suffered nary semipermanent effects arsenic a consequence of nan foam consumption. 

The bizarre lawsuit was revealed by doctors astatine Kyungpook National University successful nan journal Clinical Toxicology.

In nan paper, nan physicians suggested nan foam had expanded erstwhile it was wrong nan man.

The resulting measurement of nan constituent 'far exceeded' nan abstraction wrong nan stomach, causing nan organ to tear and statesman to leak its contents.

Doctors opportunity a tummy tear, aliases perforation, tin beryllium fatal because it tin trigger an infection that tin quickly lead to sepsis without treatment.

The physicians said: 'Life-threatening gastric perforation tin hap aft polyurethane foam ingestion.

'Clinical toxicologists and emergency physicians request to beryllium alert of nan highly expandable quality of this agent.'

Few different specifications were revealed astir nan patient, including why nan individual whitethorn person consumed nan foam.

But doctors said this whitethorn person been linked to nan intelligence information pica, which causes group to devour inedible materials pinch nary nutritional benefits.

Roughly 1 successful a 100 group suffer from this condition, estimates suggest, which tin beryllium linked to intelligence wellness conditions aliases developmental problems for illustration autism.

Doctors added that erstwhile nan diligent was first admitted to nan ER, they performed a laparoscopy — wherever mini incisions are made successful nan abdomen earlier a camera is inserted.

The personification was estimated to person consumed astir 12 inches (200cm3) of foam, balanced to a works pot.

Other cases of group eating foam-like materials see an American female named Jennifer who utilized to eat a portion of mattress each day.

She told TLC: 'I for illustration my mattress plain and consecutive up, nary mayonnaise, butter, nary of that.

'The broadside effects of eating mattresses, state is really nan only 1 you'd have. It enters my body, it enters my system, and it goes out.'

She said that wrong 20 years she has already consumed 8 mattresses.

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