Marston Hefner brands Crystal Hefner a 'master manipulator' in damning attack on his father's widow - and suggests she oversaw changes to the Playboy mogul's will when he was 'doped up'

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Hugh Hefner's boy Marston launched a scathing onslaught connected Crystal Hefner, accusing her of being a 'master manipulator' – and moreover appeared to suggest she took advantage of nan Playboy mogul earlier he died.

Marston, 34, made a bid of damning claims astir his father's widow connected nan Girls Next Level podcast, suggesting nan 38-year-old was hellbent connected powerfulness and oversaw changes to his father's will erstwhile he was mentally fragile.

Speaking to hosts Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt connected Monday, he said: 'When Crystal came successful [to nan mansion], location started to beryllium tribes. And truthful location were group who were connected Crystal's team.'

He said she became addicted to nan 'idea of power and power,' and would find who could and could not enter.

Marston Hefner made a bid of damning claims astir his father's widow Crystal connected nan Girls Next Level podcast, suggesting she was hellbent connected powerfulness (pictured pinch Hugh Hefner)

Marston (left), 34, accused Crystal of being a 'master manipulator' – and  appeared to propose she took advantage of nan Playboy mogul earlier he died (pictured pinch his relative Cooper)

'She liked controlling nan impermanent list,' he said. 'She liked taking girls disconnected and connected nan impermanent database depending connected how, immoderate nan whims were astatine nan time… She liked being successful that position wherever you had to spell done her aliases you had to inquire her for things.'

Marston, who welcomed a kid pinch his woman past year, besides accused Crystal of destroying nan nosy he utilized to person pinch his begetter during games nighttime astatine nan mansion erstwhile they would play Uno, claiming she brought a 'dark energy' that dissuaded him from ever returning. 

Her alleged obsession pinch power appeared to widen to matters of Hugh's will, pinch Marston suggesting Crystal oversaw changes erstwhile his begetter was 'sick' and 'dosed pinch f***ing medication,' which he claims near nan businessman unaware of his surroundings.

'He was really sick and that's why she sewage each these NDA things,' he said. 'According to her, she didn't want group to spot him not capable to walk, not capable to talk.'

Marston, whose mother is exemplary Kimberley Conrad, said his begetter would struggle to retrieve really to play backgammon pinch him, owing to beardown medicine for his backmost pain.

'The twelvemonth that he passed away, he changed nan will and he gave me, different person, and Crystal much money,' he said. 'And I don't cognize really overmuch more, I don't retrieve if Crystal sewage much than us....

'I was looking astatine that erstwhile I was getting nan inheritance, and I was like, "Why? When he wasn't here, erstwhile he didn't cognize what nan f*** was up aliases down half of nan time, why would he alteration his will?"'

He continued: 'And that's why I sent an email saying, "I don't deliberation he's competent anymore, guys, tin we work together connected this?" And cipher really wanted to reside what I perceived arsenic nan elephant successful nan room.

Marston questioned immoderate of Crystal's claims successful her memoir Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy And Finding Myself - arsenic good arsenic her information for penning it

Marston and his brother, Cooper, pictured pinch their begetter Hugh and mother Kimberley Conrad successful 1998 

Masrston (pictured pinch his wife) accused Crystal of bringing a 'dark energy' to his father's celebrated games nights, and arsenic a consequence he ne'er returned 

Crystal, pictured right, was nan last woman of nan Playboy laminitis - pictured together with Kristina and Karissa Shannon astatine Hugh's 83rd day excavation statement successful 2009

‘And past much than that, it's for illustration why is it erstwhile personification can't play his favourite point and doesn't cognize wherever he is, why is he changing his f***ing will? Why are group allowing that to happen?’

Crystal famously wed nan mag patient successful 2012 erstwhile she was 26 and he was 86. They were joined until his death, aged 91, successful 2017 arsenic a consequence of bosom nonaccomplishment and septicemia aft contracting a deadly strain of e-coli. He near a reported $43 cardinal fortune.

Earlier this twelvemonth she published her explosive memoir, Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy And Finding Myself, successful which she made a number of bombshell claims, including that she ne'er loved nan precocious mag kingpin and she felt imprisoned successful their four-year marriage.

Marston revealed really he messaged Holly and Bridget, referring to Crystal arsenic a 'master manipulator' aft reference her book, and questioned immoderate of her claims - arsenic good arsenic her information for penning nan memoir.

Suggesting she buys Instagram followers, he asked: 'If you're not willing successful fame, why are you buying Instagram followers? 

Crystal (pictured pinch Hugh connected his 84th day successful 2010) made a bid of explosive claims astir nan notorious libertine successful her memoir 

'If you're not aft money, past why was she hustling arsenic Crystal DJ Hefner? And she said that she was building a existent property empire, but she was building 1 arsenic a Hefner. So she did request to beryllium location successful bid to build it, successful my opinion.'

Marston, who runs an OnlyFans relationship to money his emotion for collecting Pokémon cards and uncommon comic books, past accused Crystal of allowing Hugh to bargain a spot for her against nan proposal of his accountants. 

'I heard that it was acold beyond his budget,' Marston continued. 'It was not wise. And I heard that his financial advisors were like, "Don't acquisition this, dude. You can't spend this...." 

'And he said, "I emotion this personification and I'm going to..." This is my ain subjective feelings is like, why would you inquire your hubby who is successful indebtedness to acquisition you a mansion that he can't really spend if you don't request nan money?' has contacted representatives for Crystal for comment. 

Crystal was Hugh's 3rd wife. He joined her successful 2012, 2 years aft his divorcement from Kimberley was finalized.

They were joined for 21 years from 1989 and besides stock boy Cooper, 32.

His first woman was Millie Williams pinch whom he had children Christie and David. 

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