Mica Miller's pastor husband groomed her for years before they wed and committed her to hospital so he could steal her car, shocking court documents claim in wake of her suicide claim

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Mica Miller's pastor hubby groomed her for years earlier they wed and had her committed to infirmary to bargain her car, tribunal documents uncovered successful nan aftermath of her termination claim.

The bombshell allegations emerged after Miller, 30, died by suicide connected April 27.

She was recovered dormant pinch a self-inflicted gunshot coiled astatine Lumber River State Park successful North Carolina, days aft serving her husband John Paul Miller, 44, pinch divorcement papers.

Now a constabulary study complete nan alleged car theft of her metallic Honda Accord shows that their marital problems stretched backmost moreover further.

'When nan complainant was discharged from nan hospital, infirmary unit informed her that her hubby picked up her purse and her keys,' nan study from February 2023 states.

Mica Miller killed herself astatine Lumber River State Park, North Carolina weeks aft speaking astir maltreatment wrong her matrimony to John-Paul Miller, nan mates are seen here

Police reports show that she had antecedently accused her hubby of grooming and fraudulently having her committed to infirmary truthful she could bargain his car

Miller (right), 30, died by termination suicide connected April 27, days aft filing for divorcement from John-Paul Miller, 44, (left)

'The complainant believed that her hubby fraudulently initiated her involuntary hospitalization and "stole" her attraction while she was successful nan hospital.'

Miller met pinch nan cops at Coastal Grand Mall and told them she and her hubby had been separated since January of that year.

'The complainant stated that she has known her hubby since she was ten-years-old and that he "groomed" her while she worked for him astatine Solid Rock Church until they were married,' nan study adds.

When investigators contacted her husband, he told them that his woman had been suffering from a 'reckless episode' owed to mediocre intelligence health.

He said nan incidents were yearly crises which would flare up astir Christmas and consequence successful Miller spending excessively. 

The erstwhile pastor told nan serviceman he had seized nan conveyance to forestall it being sold and would not springiness it backmost for a period to let nan section to pass.

As some parties stated they were legally married, nan interrogator had to see nan car arsenic marital spot and truthful 'could not found a criminal offense'.

Miller's termination came weeks aft she came retired publically to talk astir maltreatment wrong her marriage.

Miller told cops she had known her hubby since she was 10-years-old and that he groomed her 'for years' earlier they married

Police person now released images Miller successful nan lead up to her decease amid conjecture astir nan circumstances. Pictured: Miller astatine her South Carolina location nan time she died

Speaking successful a video connected Facebook connected March 22 Mica said: 'You don't person to enactment successful an abusive relationship.

'Whether that's sexual, whether that's personification forcing you to return forbidden narcotics aliases intoxicant abuse, aliases beingness abuse, psychological abuse, making you deliberation that this is each your responsibility aliases that you're a bad mom aliases a bad hubby aliases you're not giving it your each erstwhile you cognize you are.

'God hates divorce, but why? According to everybody that I've asked and nan scriptures I've seen it's because it hurts people. But does maltreatment wounded people. How do you deliberation God feels astir that?'

In a abstracted constabulary study revenge by Miller's husband, he accused his woman of 'defamation' complete nan video and claimed she and her family were harassing him.

However, officers recovered 'no evidence' of this and advised him to extremity looking astatine Miller's page.

In nan days aft her death, Miller's friends and family held a rally calling for 'justice for Mica' extracurricular nan religion wherever her hubby antecedently worked.

It has since emerged that her estranged-husband was pursuing astatine slightest 1 different female whilst still legally married.

A waitress named Christiana revealed that he had exchanged flirty messages pinch her and moreover appeared to make ray of his wife's suicide.

Miller’s achromatic Honda is observed walking connected Highway 501 adjacent Four Mile Rd., Conway, South Carolina connected April 27 hours earlier her death

A tragic 911 telephone released by Robeson County Sheriff's Office showed Miller alerting 911 dispatchers to wherever he assemblage could beryllium found

A waitress told really nan pastor had been sending her flirty messages, including calling her 'super hot' and asking for 'bikini pics' while still married

'I asked him if thing was new, and he much aliases little said yes, tons new, LOL, I'll matter later,' she told NewsNation's Elizabeth Vargas, confirming LOL stands for 'laugh retired loud'.

The waitress explained she had engaged pinch nan pastor successful a bid to expose his behaviour aft becoming 'suspicious' he mightiness beryllium married.

Police person now released images and audio of Miller successful nan lead up to her decease amid conjecture astir nan circumstances.

The speculation was partially fueled by a bizarre video of Miller's hubby casually informing his congregants of her termination astatine nan extremity of a service.

However, grounds released by Robeson County Sheriff's Office arsenic portion of their investigation conclusively shows Miller plotting to extremity her life.

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