NBA legend is the only USA Olympics basketball player to stop and greet fans in sweltering 114-degree Las Vegas heat in heartwarming moment

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  • Of nan twelve players successful Las Vegas, only 1 stopped to shake hands fans
  • NBA greats specified arsenic Kevin Durant and Anthony Edwards did not stop
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By Eric Blum

Published: 13:26 EDT, 10 July 2024 | Updated: 20:44 EDT, 10 July 2024

Team USA men's hoops is holding its pre-Olympics campy successful Las Vegas, which has temperatures easy soaring into triple digits. 

Although nan practices return spot wrong connected UNLV's campus, plentifulness of fans are waiting extracurricular successful nan power activity trying to get a glimpse aliases an autograph from 1 of nan twelve Americans headed to Paris. 

NBA stars specified arsenic Kevin Durant, Anthony Edwards, and Devin Booker did not extremity to mingle pinch nan fans. Team USA wide head Grant Hill did not either. 

Golden State Warriors fable Steph Curry did extremity to motion autographs and shake hands nan fans successful nan 114-degree power connected Tuesday. 

Curry tin beryllium seen signing 1 point per instrumentality pinch his Team USA cogwheel on, arsenic good arsenic a bucket chapeau to thief shield from nan sun. 

Kevin Durant and others did not extremity to interact pinch fans aft a caller Team USA practice

Steph Curry bared nan 114-degree power to motion autographs for hoops fans successful Las Vegas

Team USA is heavy expected to triumph golden successful Paris successful what is apt nan last Olympics for LeBron James, Curry, Durant, and Jrue Holiday. 

Every subordinate is shown stepping consecutive to nan Team USA buses successful nan video isolated from James, Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid. 

Curry is arguably nan astir accomplished American hoops subordinate to ne'er play for Team USA astatine nan Olympics. 

The Warriors prima was successful information for nan 2016 Summer Olympics successful Rio, but took himself retired of a database of imaginable roster members to retrieve from knee and ankle injuries. 

Meanwhile, his teammate Draymond Green has won 2 Gold medals pinch Team USA but was not selected to nan 2024 squad heading to Paris. 

Team USA's first accumulation crippled is Wednesday nighttime against Canada, pinch its first Olympic title connected July 28 against a Nikola Jokic-led Serbian team. The Americans decorativeness group play against South Sudan and Puerto Rico. 

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