New Jersey woman, 21, gets her jaw stuck wide open after YAWNING too hard - and team of ER doctors have to 'manually' shut it

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A female yawned truthful difficult that her jaw became physically locked open, sending her to nan ER wherever doctors had to manually unopen it.

Jenna Sinatra, 21, from New Jersey, suffered nan freak mishap this week, conscionable days earlier her birthday, and documented her travel to nan infirmary successful a now-viral TikTok video.

Doctors told her that she dislocated her jaw, which caused nan joints responsible for her rima opening and closing to become locked successful place. This prevented her from closing her rima each nan way. 

The injury, which lasted for respective hours, took doctors 4 hours to hole by giving her musculus relaxing medications and 'shoving' her jaw backmost together. 

'Only thing for illustration this would hap to me,' she wrote successful nan caption of nan video, which has been viewed 7.4 cardinal times.

Jenna Sinatra, 21, posted a bid of TikTok videos aft her jaw became stuck unfastened from yawning. It took doctors 4 hours to 'manually' unopen her mouth

Ms Sinatra, an influencer pinch 2.3 cardinal TikTok followers, sewage her jaw stuck unfastened conscionable days earlier her 21st birthday

Dr Anthony Youn, a integrative surgeon successful Michigan, stitched Ms Sinatra's video and described nan arena arsenic 'open lock,' which leaves nan jaw 'literally stuck open.'

'This is very rare, but erstwhile it occurs, it often happens aft personification does a large yawn,' he said successful his response, which sewage 3.2 cardinal views. 



In Ms Sinatra's case, her jaw became dislocated, which is erstwhile 2 bones successful 1 of your joints separate. 

In this case, nan joints connecting Ms Sinatra's jaw and skull separated. 

It's unclear precisely what caused Ms Sinatra's yawn to spell wrong, but awesome consequence factors see being double-jointed, grinding your teeth, aliases having arthritis.  

The information is medically known arsenic a TMJ disorder, which involves nan joints connecting nan jawbone to nan skull, almost for illustration sliding hinges that let you to unfastened and adjacent your mouth. 

While astir group pinch this rumor person lockjaw, which keeps nan rima closed shut, successful 'rare' cases, TMJ injuries tin time off nan rima hanging open.

An estimated 5 to 12 percent of Americans person had their jaw locked astatine immoderate point, though it's unclear really galore person had it stuck open. 

Previous jaw injuries, arthritis, and teeth grinding aliases clenching person been shown to summation nan consequence of TMJ disorders.

After respective hours of location remedies, Ms Sinatra yet had to spell to nan hospital, wherever doctors discovered that yawning dislocated her jaw

Dr Anthony Youn, a integrative surgeon successful Michigan, described nan arena arsenic 'open lock,' which often happens aft yawning. He noted that her jaw could person been dislocated from a TMJ disorder

Dr Youn said that an unfastened fastener for illustration Ms Sinatra's is usually treated pinch musculus relaxing medications and 'manual adjustment.' 

Ms Sinatra did not specify which medications she was given, but communal musculus relaxants see carisoprodol (Soma), methocarbamol (Robaxin), and tizanidine (Zanaflex).

This whitethorn impact massaging nan joints, putting power aliases crystal connected them, loosening muscles pinch injections, aliases utilizing Botox. These thief nan joints go looser and little stiff, which allows them to travel backmost together.

Ms Sinatra yet recovered from unfastened lock, though she posted videos of her having to deterioration bandages wrapped astir her full caput for her day dinner.

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