Queen Mary and King Frederik choose to WORK through their 20th wedding anniversary - as body language expert reveals the one thing keeping them together after rumoured 'tension'

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Queen Mary and King Frederik person opted to activity done nan 20th day of their 'fairytale' wedding and return a royal circuit of Norway.

May 14 marks 2 decades since nan mates said 'I do' - but alternatively of unsocial clip nan mates will beryllium laying a wreath, visiting nan Norwegian President of nan Storting and touring nan Science City astatine Oslo.

The mates will walk nan evening astatine a Gala meal which starts astatine 8pm. They will backmost it up nan adjacent time pinch a greeting sojourn to Ostmarka, nan scenic woodlands, luncheon pinch nan Prime Minister and a circuit of nan Oslo waterfront.

The tour, nan 2nd since they stepped up to nan throne, seems astatine likelihood from their aged 'work hard, play hard' accuracy arsenic it leaves very small clip for nan 'seemingly estranged' mates to reconnect.

Even erstwhile King Frederik took nan throne he said he would prioritise family and holidays - because 'regular breaks are important'.

Queen Mary and King Frederik person decided to work-through their 20th wedding anniversary 

The mates person famously prioritised romanticist gestures and holidays successful nan past - making group mobility nan move 

The royal couple's determination to work-through nan typical juncture reflects assemblage connection master Louise Mahler's speculation that nan 'romance is over'.

Speaking to FEMAIL after nan couple's awkward tv question and reply past week, nan master said nan only evident greenish emblem for their narration is their committedness to  their roles arsenic King and Queen.

'They are not showing immoderate signs of being a mates [romantically],' she said.

'The bully news is, present are 2 group wholly committed to their domiciled (as King and Queen), and playing nan domiciled arsenic a couple,' she said. 

The mates person a very engaged schedule connected May 14, their anniversary, and nan pursuing day

Royal watchers said nan couple's prime to activity done nan large time raised eyebrows crossed Denmark. 

'....And past our royal mates will observe their 20th wedding anniversary?' One female wrote connected nan schedule.

'On nan King and Queen's wedding day?' questioned another. 

The celebrated royal pair's 'fairytale romance' has been nether nan microscope since November 2023 erstwhile nan past Crown Prince was spotted 'hanging out' pinch Mexican Socialite Genoveva Casanova successful Madrid.

Genoveva vehemently denied immoderate incorrect doing aft rumours emerged nan 2 were having an affair.

The couple's past circuit was described arsenic 'awkward' - and their televised question and reply was labelled nan same

Pictured: Dr Louise Mahler, Body Language Expert 

But nan rumours stuck aft a bid of photos showing nan brace exploring nan Spanish metropolis were published.

The photos besides appeared to show nan past Crown Prince Frederik heading into Genoveva's flat - wherever they spent 2 hours earlier heading retired for dinner.

Since nan alleged matter nan royal Instagram relationship has received thousands of comments condemning King Frederik and idolising Queen Mary. 

Every photograph of nan royal mates taken since news of nan alleged matter collapsed has been speculated on.

'How situation you wounded Mary,' 1 female said.

'She holds her caput truthful high, he won't moreover look astatine her,' said another.

Dr Louise Mahler's observations echo immoderate of nan comments.

She says nan mates look to beryllium very guarded erstwhile they are successful each other's institution - wherever they were erstwhile tactile and relaxed.

'It tin beryllium that aft truthful galore years, this is understandable, but fixed erstwhile tactile behaviour and nan rumours earlier nan coronation, 1 senses a situation successful their relationship,' she said.

The Australian-born Queen has been caught connected camera pinch a scowl successful nan months since, replacing nan twinkling grin she utilized to wear.

The mates met astatine nan Slip Inn successful Sydney during nan 2000 summertime Olympics. Queen Mary moved to Denmark, dropped her Australian and UK citizenships and learned nan language. 

The King and Queen's narration has been nether nan spotlight since King Frederik was spotted retired successful Madrid pinch Mexican Socialite Genoveva Casanova

Body connection master Dr Louise Mahler says their caller 'loving moments' person been for show and points retired they often usage arms and legs to artifact each different retired and tilt their heads distant from each other 

She sewage nan tick of support from Queen Margrethe, joined nan young Prince Frederik and went connected to person 4 children pinch him earlier their 'perfect' nationalist image was damaged by nan enduring matter rumours.

The mates will circuit to nan Faroe Islands successful mid-June and Greenland successful precocious June moving done to early July.

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