REVEALED: The truth about the real-life 'Martha' from Baby Reindeer - from her 'law-unto-herself' childhood to the black Labour candidate she abused and the neighbour she hounded until they were forced to hide from her

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Among nan millions of viewers lapping up each 2nd of nan Netflix deed Baby Reindeer are a prime fewer for whom, successful particular, nan TV bid is sending shivers down nan spine.

For 2 weeks now, nan seven-part mini bid has held nan number 1 spot successful nan Netflix charts, not slightest because nan acheronian communicative of nan struggling stand-up comic and nan female who stalked him is based connected a existent communicative moreover much disturbing than nan events portrayed connected screen.

As this newspaper revealed past weekend, it didn't return agelong for net sleuths to way down a 58-year-old Scottish female who bears uncanny similarities to nan fictional stalker 'Martha', contempt claims from comedian Richard Gadd - who penned and starred successful nan autobiographical show - that he had disguised her personality to specified an grade that 'I don't deliberation she would recognise herself'.

Mail newsman Neil Sears met nan real-life Martha astatine her new, one-bedroom assembly level successful a cardinal London precocious emergence past week

Baby Reindeer, nan bonzer deed Netflix play which has taken nan tv world by storm, has been viewed much than 13 cardinal times successful nan past fortnight

But, arsenic nan Mail tin reveal, Gadd's self-penned show has besides resurrected disturbing memories for those who person their ain stories to show astir nan woman.

As good arsenic a neighbour who witnessed adjacent manus her disturbing behaviour complete respective years, those affected see respective members of nan Scottish Labour Party who good retrieve really she wreaked havoc among their ranks successful nan precocious 1990s and early 2000s.

Several statement stalwarts were present, astir 25 years ago, erstwhile nan female was forcibly removed from a statement parliamentary action gathering successful Glasgow aft launching an astonishing verbal onslaught connected 1 of nan candidates location that day.

Raging against a London-based achromatic female hopeful for nan Glasgow Cathcart Parliamentary nomination, nan woman, who was past a Labour Party member, reduced nan imaginable candidate, from London, to tears aft accusing her of being wheeled successful astatine nan past infinitesimal by statement members to 'bump section Scottish women disconnected nan short list'.

'All hellhole collapsed loose,' says 1 who was location that time astatine Castlemilk Labour Club successful Glasgow which has since burnt down.

'As a Scot, but pinch nary relationship to nan constituency, she started haranguing nan female who was from London and accused her of being a token candidate,' he recalls.

The candidate, a Labour councillor from south-east London, was connected her telephone and, according to different by-standers, nan female grabbed it retired of her manus and astatine nan aforesaid clip 'mistakenly' pulled her hairsbreadth earlier being 'forcibly' ejected by statement members.

Laura Wray, nan solicitor widow of precocious Labour MP Jimmy Wray, besides claims to person suffered astatine nan woman's hands complete a five-year play aft taking connected nan rule postgraduate from Aberdeen University

Over 4 and a half years, Gadd says he received 41,071 emails, 744 tweets, letters totalling 106 pages and 350 hours of voicemail messages from nan older woman, whom he calls Martha successful nan show

But speaking to nan Glasgow Herald newspaper aft nan event, nan woman, believed to beryllium nan inspiration for Baby Reindeer stalker Martha, said: 'As acold arsenic I'm concerned location were fights earlier nan meeting, location were fights aft nan meeting, and location was an taste number incident.'

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Around nan aforesaid time, nan female was harassing respective cardinal members of nan Labour Party aft failing to triumph her ain information for a spot successful nan Scottish Parliament.

The astir salient of those she targeted was nan precocious Donald Dewar, who became Scotland's inaugural First Minister successful 1999 and died successful 2000 aged 63.

In nan precocious 1990s, erstwhile Dewar was still a Glasgow MP, nan female is said to person often turned up to his Anniesland constituency surgeries, astatine times claiming to beryllium his 'special adviser' and, astatine others, launching tirades of maltreatment against him.

A Labour insider commented to nan property astatine nan time: 'This female was causing Donald a batch of problems. Even now, nan colour drains from his look astatine nan mention of her.

'She would move up shouting and swearing astatine him successful beforehand of tons of group and calling everybody names.

'Nobody could judge it erstwhile she moreover tried to put herself guardant arsenic a campaigner for nan Scottish Parliament and Westminster. But everybody knew what they were dealing with.'

As exclusively reported successful nan Mail connected Sunday past week, Laura Wray, nan solicitor widow of precocious Labour MP Jimmy Wray, besides claims to person suffered astatine nan woman's hands complete a five-year play aft taking connected nan rule postgraduate from Aberdeen University for a two-week proceedings astatine her Glasgow rule patient successful 1997.

The woman, who was calved and raised successful a colony successful Stirlingshire successful Scotland, had spun a 'real hard-luck story' astir really she had nary family support and how, aft obtaining her rule degree, she couldn't get a training statement required to go a solicitor.

Richard Gadd and Nava Mau - who plays his transgender emotion liking - look successful a playful temper arsenic they return selfies astatine a promotional arena for nan show 

Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd has been accused of 'unwisely' making love transgender  character Reece Lyons, above, astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic she besides auditioned for a part

In nan end, Ms Lyons did not onshore nan role, which alternatively went to Ms Mau (pictured) 

But Mrs Wray dismissed her wrong days aft becoming alarmed astatine her behaviour and later became truthful concerned that she issued her unit pinch panic alarms. She says that, astatine 1 stage, nan female made a decease threat against her precocious husband.

Laura Wray said she recognised her stalker arsenic soon arsenic she watched Baby Reindeer.

Indeed, contempt Gadd's claims to person disguised his stalker's identity, some nan on-screen 'Martha' and nan real-life female are Scottish, studied rule astatine assemblage and declare to beryllium high-flying lawyers contempt ne'er qualifying. They are nan aforesaid property and besides physically alike.

Laura was chilled to spot 1 segment successful which 'Martha' flips from exuberance to screaming rage successful a bosom beat.

'That put it beyond doubt,' she said. 'I've seen her do that. I cognize Martha by her existent sanction but my jaw dropped watching nan series. It brought backmost truthful galore things to maine that I'd forgotten.'

In 1 segment successful nan drama, Gadd's character, Donny, is seen googling Martha and uncovering a newspaper article - fictionalised for nan show - pinch nan headline: 'Sick stalker targets barrister's deaf child'.

In existent life, nan female falsely accused Laura and her hubby of assaulting their son, Frankie, who was calved successful 2002 pinch a uncommon chromosomal disorder. The last straw, Laura applied for a restraining order, which was granted.

Richard Gadd was a struggling stand-up comic moving down nan barroom astatine a pub successful London

While nan female had fixed Laura a hard-luck story, she was raised successful nan picturesque colony adjacent Stirling, wherever she descends from a agelong statement of livestock farmers stretching backmost much than a century.

She is nan eldest of 2 daughters calved to an ex-army mechanic and his wife, a income assistant. While her begetter has passed away, her mother still lives successful nan colony but, on pinch her sister, declined to speak to journalists this week.

A pupil astatine nan section precocious school, successful 1983, erstwhile she was 18 years old, she won an entranceway bursary grant successful an yearly title held by Aberdeen University.

The female has respective puerility photographs connected her unfastened Facebook page, showing a smiling, happy-looking, well-dressed girl. One image shows her laughing connected a sandy formation successful shorts and t-shirt, different dressed successful nan Brownie uniform.

She has besides posted photographs of herself successful world dress taken successful Aberdeen's Seaton Park aft her graduation ceremony. She says it took spot successful 1990 by which clip she would already person been 25. It's not clear why she was truthful aged erstwhile she graduated.

Locals successful nan colony wherever she grew up picture nan woman's family arsenic 'ordinary' but 1 aged villager described nan female arsenic 'a rule unto herself' from a young age. Several said that while they knew nan mother, they hadn't seen her eldest girl for years.

Viewers of Baby Reindeer whitethorn consciousness that Donny, played by creator Richard Gadd, besides exacerbated Martha's behaviour by reacting to it. But nan reality is that ignoring a stalker will only activity successful immoderate cases

About 14 cardinal group person been poring complete each item of Richard Gadd's darkly comic play based connected his real-life experiences of being stalked by a woman, 'Martha'

This ties successful pinch an relationship fixed to nan Mail this week by a pensioner who lived adjacent doorway to nan female for astir 5 years successful Glasgow who said she ne'er went location and ne'er received visitors.

The woman, who said to nan Mail connected information of anonymity, lived adjacent doorway to nan alleged stalker successful nan able Glasgow suburb of Jordanhill.

Soon aft nan female moved into nan lodging relation level adjacent door, she came information to present herself.

'At first I thought she was very nice,' says nan erstwhile neighbour who has since moved away. 'She said she was a paralegal caput moving for a large rule firm. She was rather smartly dressed and well-spoken. She seemed to cognize a batch astir everything.

'But past she started knocking connected my doorway each nan time. At first she asked for sugar, past it was teabags. She utilized to travel up pinch each sorts of unusual excuses for knocking. It sewage truthful bad that I'd person to dress I wasn't in. I'd moreover parkland my car down nan thoroughfare truthful she couldn't spot it.'

There were different signs that each was not correct successful nan woman's life.

'Her level was a shambles. You couldn't get wrong for each nan insubstantial and books and nan soiled dishes piled up. It was horrendous. I don't cognize really she could unrecorded for illustration that,' says nan erstwhile neighbour.

The female had tons of soft toys successful her flat, she says - conscionable for illustration 'Martha', who gives Gadd's character, Donny, nan nickname Baby Reindeer aft 1 of her favourite cuddly toys.

'She said she wasn't successful touch pinch her family and that she didn't get connected pinch them. And while she talked a batch astir group she knew and said she had a boyfriend, I ne'er saw her pinch anyone aliases saw anyone visiting.'

Early on, she witnessed nan female having convulsive rows connected her mobile connected nan landing betwixt their flats.

'I retrieve proceeding her screaming down nan telephone astatine group and reasoning I wouldn't for illustration to get connected nan incorrect broadside of her. It was terrible. I was very wary of her aft that. She was volatile.'

Around 10 years ago, says nan neighbour, nan female moved retired astatine short notice, claiming she was going to London wherever she had a caller job.

'After she moved she kept calling me. It was up to 5 times a day. I asked her to extremity but she wouldn't, not until I threatened to telephone nan police.'

This, arsenic diehard Baby Reindeer fans will nary uncertainty know, was astir nan clip that nan female is believed to person first met comedian Richard Gadd, past working arsenic a barman astatine nan Hawley Arms pub successful Camden, North London, while trying to make a sanction for himself arsenic a stand-up.

In nan Netflix series, she is shown stepping up nan barroom and boasting that she was a high-flying lawyer while claiming that she couldn't spend to bargain a drink.

Feeling sorry for her, Glasgow University postgraduate Gadd offers her a portion connected nan house.

Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning continued to thrust nan activity of Baby Reindeer's occurrence connected Netflix arsenic they attended nan photograph telephone for nan screening successful LA yesterday

Over nan 4 and half years that followed, 34-year-old Gadd claims to person received 41,071 emails, 744 Tweets, letters wholly 106 pages and 350 hours of voicemail messages from nan older woman.

Over nan past fortnight, nan net has been buzzing pinch frenzied speculation astir nan existent communicative down Gadd's deed show and each its characters. Amid nan toxic fall-out, respective group person been caught up successful claims astir who they each mightiness be.

fTheatre head Sean Foley was forced to telephone successful constabulary to woody amid defamatory claims that he was down different of Gadd's characters, a powerful intermezo fig who sexually abused and raped him. Gadd has confirmed it is not him.

Several actresses person besides been targeted amid claims that they are nan real-life Teri, nan transgender therapist who dates Gadd's characteristic Donny and is played on-screen by Mexican-born character Nava Mau.

It's besides been revealed that Gadd was investigated by nan show's producers complete his master behaviour aft making love different transgender character who auditioned for nan role. Clerkenwell Films cleared him of immoderate incorrect doing, but character Reece Lyons, who didn't get nan part, said she was near 'hurt' aft they went connected 4 dates betwixt October and November 2021, 3 months earlier nan general casting process for Baby Reindeer began.

But no-one has received arsenic overmuch attraction arsenic nan female astatine nan bosom of Gadd's story, a business which - fixed that Baby Reindeer was viewed 22 millions times this week unsocial - looks improbable to alteration immoderate clip soon.

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