RFK Jr reveals a parasitic worm ate part of his brain, causing temporary memory loss

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  • Revelations came successful a 2012 during divorcement proceedings from Mary Richardson 
  • Kennedy claimed his earning powerfulness diminished owed to cognitive struggles
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By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com In Washington, Dc

Published: 08:48 EDT, 8 May 2024 | Updated: 13:52 EDT, 8 May 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. described complete a decade agone really a worm ate portion of his encephalon and caused short word representation loss.

The 2024 longshot independent statesmanlike campaigner revealed nan accusation during a 2012 divorcement deposition unearthed by The New York Times and published connected Wednesday.

At first, doctors thought RFK Jr.'s representation nonaccomplishment and intelligence fogginess was nan consequence of a encephalon tumor aft a acheronian spot showed up connected his encephalon scans.

While packing for a room astatine Duke University Medical Center successful 2010, Kennedy received a telephone from a expert astatine NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital who believed nan symptoms were a consequence of a dormant parasite successful his head.

Kennedy said astatine nan deposition that nan expert believed nan abnormality connected his scans 'was caused by a worm that sewage into my encephalon and ate a information of it and past died.'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said successful 2012 that he knowledgeable short-term representation nonaccomplishment and encephalon fogginess aft a worm ate portion of his encephalon past died

The revelations were portion of a 2012 deposition during divorcement proceedings from Mary Richardson (left) wherever Kennedy claimed his earning powerfulness diminished owed to cognitive struggles

At nan clip of revealing this accusation successful a deposition, RFK Jr. was going done divorcement proceedings pinch Mary Richardson and was arguing that his earning powerfulness was diminished owed to cognitive struggles.

Kennedy was joined to Richardson from 1994 to 2012. He is now now joined to character Cheryl Hines and moving for president.

Kennedy, 70, prides himself connected his athleticism and has connected respective occasions displayed his beingness fittingness online by posting shirtless videos of himself showing disconnected his six battalion abs and doing push ups and chair pressing.

While 70-years-old, RFK Jr. has a wide 'youth' advantage complete nan 2 frontrunner candidates President Joe Biden, 81, and erstwhile President Donald Trump, 77.

Biden successful 2020 was nan oldest personification ever elected president – he hit Trump who group that grounds conscionable 4 years prior.

RFK Jr. was moving successful nan Democratic superior past year, but he switched strategies successful October erstwhile he revenge to tally successful November connected an independent summons instead.

He announced earlier this twelvemonth that Nicole Shanahan, a 38-year-old lawyer and Silicon Valley businesswoman, would subordinate his summons arsenic his vice statesmanlike candidate.

Kennedy insists he is not successful nan title to service arsenic spoiler for either Biden aliases Trump and alternatively thinks he has a existent chance of becoming nan first third-party candidate to clinch nan White House. He has truthful acold secured a spot connected nan November ballots successful Utah, Michigan and Hawaii. His run besides claims he is connected nan ballot successful California and Delaware.

RFK Jr., 70, often displays his beingness fittingness by posting shirtless videos of himself showing disconnected his six battalion abs and doing push ups and chair pressing

Around 1,000 Americans are hospitalized each twelvemonth pinch parasitic encephalon infections - nan immense mostly of whom imported nan infection from a overseas country.

One successful six cases are successful group pinch nary recreation history.

The astir communal shape of infection is caused by a microscopic worm that lays its eggs successful undercooked pork.

Once eaten, these eggs hatch wrong nan digestive strategy and nan larvae recreation done nan bloodstream to different parts of nan body, wherever they origin cysts to form.

These cysts trigger inflammation and, if they scope nan brain, symptoms specified arsenic headaches, seizures, characteristic changes, and intelligence impairment.

Adult worms tin unrecorded successful group for decades and proceed to laic eggs that origin wellness problems for nan sufferer.

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