RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Reveals If Taylor Swift Knew Who She Was When They Met at Coachella

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Swifties and Bravo fanatics saw their worlds collide erstwhile Taylor Swift and Teresa Giudice took a photograph together astatine Coachella successful April. Fans were dying to cognize if nan bona fide superstar was a Housewives instrumentality earlier they met – and nan Real Housewives of New Jersey icon has revealed nan table-flipping answer.

Teresa, 51, dished connected her magical acquisition astatine nan euphony show during a Tuesday, May 7, quality connected The Talk, sharing that her husband, Luis “Louie” Ruelas, was nan first 1 to fangirl complete Taylor, 34.

“We were successful nan VIP area first and each of a abrupt Taylor and her fellow [Travis Kelce] started stepping by and passes america correct adjacent to us,” nan reality prima recalled. “My hubby was like, ‘Babe, that’s Taylor Swift.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my God!’”

Teresa ​confidently walked up to nan Grammy-winning creator and asked if she knew who she was. 

“I asked, ‘Do you cognize who I am?’ And past she said, ‘Yeah,’ Teresa continued. “I said, ‘Can I return a image pinch you?’ Then ​her bodyguard moved away, and past we took a image together.”

Teresa past admitted that she doesn’t “like to inquire [celebrities] for photos” because she “doesn’t for illustration to fuss them,” but she made an objection for nan “Fortnight” singer.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna do this for Jennifer Aydin!’” Teresa said of her RHONJ costar. “Jennifer Aydin loves Taylor Swift. And I person to say, Taylor Swift was truthful sweet. I’m specified a Swiftie now, I’m specified a fan. She’s specified a sweetheart, she really was.”

Now that nan New York Times bestselling writer has had astir a period to dive into Taylor’s discography, she deemed “Karma” arsenic her favourite song. 

RHONJ's Teresa Guidice connected if Taylor Swift Knew Who She Was

Louie Ruelas/ Instagram

On April 14, Louie, 49, shared nan Instagram photo of Teresa and Taylor that collapsed nan internet. The 2 looked happy ​standing adjacent to each different arsenic nan ​Bravolebrity flashed a starstruck grin and Taylor leaned her caput into Teresa’s while posing.

RHONJ fans flooded nan comments conception and had a assortment of different reactions. While astir were virtually jumping for joy, others connected nan dots arsenic to why nan photograph was taken successful nan first place. 

“Oh my mediocre Jen is going to beryllium truthful jealous,” 1 personification wrote, starring different instrumentality to reply, “This was my first thought. jen loves taylor lol.”

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Of course, Jen chimed in, commenting, “OK – I yet suspicious of something!!”

During Teresa’s quality connected nan talk show, she besides revealed that Justin Bieber and woman Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) were jamming retired astatine Coachella beside her.

“I emotion Justin Bieber because I emotion each of his emotion songs and I emotion really he loves his wife. Because I consciousness for illustration Louie loves maine nan measurement [Justin] loves his wife,” she gushed. “I saw Hailey, she was beautiful!”

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