Shaquille O'Neal leaves fans concerned with cryptic social media response to his ex-wife saying she is unsure if she ever truly loved him

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Shaquille O'Neal has near fans worried aft appearing to reside comments from his ex-wife Shaunie Henderson astir nan breakdown of their marriage.

O'Neal and Henderson divided successful 2011, aft almost 9 years of matrimony and speaking earlier this week, she said nan NBA fable kept 'going missing' and that she is unsure if she ever genuinely loved him.

He appeared to reside those comments pinch a station connected Instagram connected Thursday, saying successful a station written successful superior letters: 'I understand... I wouldn't person been successful emotion pinch maine either. Wishing you each nan best... All Love, Shaq.'

He captioned nan post: 'Trust maine I get it.'

Fans were speedy to connection him their support successful nan comments, pinch 1 saying: 'I wish she had ne'er said that. Some worldly you conscionable support to yourself.'

Shaquille O'Neal has near fans worried aft appearing to reside comments from his ex-wife Shaunie Henderson astir really their matrimony ended

The NBA fable posted a connection connected Instagram appearing to respond to her 

Shaunie Henderson claimed Shaquille O'Neal kept 'going missing' earlier their divorce

Another wrote: 'This man doesn't put thing individual connected nan media truthful for this accusation to beryllium publically said hits home.' 

A different remark read: 'Shaq going done it now,' pinch a crying emoji.

Henderson and O'Neal sewage joined successful December of 2002 and stock 4 children: sons Shareef and Shaquir and daughters Amirah and Me'arah. O'Neal besides had a daughter, Taariah, from an earlier relationship. Meanwhile, Henderson's boy Myles, besides from a erstwhile relationship, later took nan center's surname.

In her caller book 'Undefeated: Changing nan Rules and Winning connected My Own Terms', nan Basketball Wives creator narrated really she saw early signs of her matrimony pinch O'Neal ending.

'I enjoyed those saccharine early years being a mother and raising my children; my days were ever engaged pinch kids and family, and each now and past I sewage to recreation aliases bask a small of nan NBA precocious life. But invisibly, my matrimony was opening to crumble,' Henderson wrote, arsenic reported by nan New York Post.

'As I've written, it wasn't evident early on. You cognize really erstwhile you first get sick, and nan symptoms are truthful mild that you're not moreover judge you are sick? That's really things were successful nan early years. I was engaged and happy and didn't announcement what was going on. But arsenic nan illness progressed, nan symptoms became harder and harder to ignore.

'Looking back, I don’t cognize that I was ever really successful emotion pinch nan man, but I was successful emotion pinch nan thought of being joined to nan man I had a family with.'

Henderson recalled proceeding rumors astir O'Neal erstwhile they moved to Miami aft nan Lakers traded nan halfway to nan Heat successful 2004.

In her caller memoir, Henderson elaborate nan events starring up to them filing for divorce 

The brace sewage joined successful 2002 and stock 4 children, Shareef, Shaquir, Amirah,and Me'arah

'Take Shaquille's wont of 'going missing,'' Henderson recalled. 'Our cook did each nan market shopping. His managers paid each nan bills. I took attraction of nan kids. So wherever was he going successful nan morning, during nan day, and astatine night? No 1 useful retired that often. 

'When we moved to Miami, I moreover heard a rumor that he had a condo successful Miami Beach. I started to get suspicious, but he ever had an answer, and I could ne'er beryllium anything. Eventually, I was forced to admit that my family life wasn't arsenic blissful aliases cleanable arsenic I wanted to believe.'

The four-time NBA champion has taken work for nan fallout of their matrimony connected respective occasions.

In his 2011 memoir, 'Shaq Uncut: My Story,' Diesel explained that he 'was a feline pinch excessively galore options,' and hinted that indefinitely impacted their marriage.

In April 2023, O'Neal appeared connected 'The Pivot Podcast' and said: 'I was bad, it was each me.'

O'Neal revenge for divorcement successful Miami successful September of 2007 aft admitting he 'wasn't protecting [Henderson] and protecting those vows.' However, nan brace reconciled astir a twelvemonth later - pinch Henderson telling nan Associated Press that they halted nan divorcement proceedings.

They called it quits again successful 2009 earlier their divorcement was finalized successful 2011.

Over a decade later, successful May 2022, Shaunie joined Pastor Keion Henderson.

In an question and reply pinch vocalist Monica, O'Neal wished Henderson and her caller groom well, saying: 'Shaunie was besides a cleanable female and I messed it up.'

'I dream this man treats her nan measurement she's expected to beryllium treated, and I'm going to still emotion her,' O'Neal continued. 'She's still my wife. I will ever protect, supply and emotion for her — joined aliases not.'

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