Steve-O lists his Hollywood mansion as he prepares to flee California for red state where he'll pay lower taxes

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A erstwhile MTV prima has said farewell to nan Golden State and hullo to a celebrated metropolis pinch little taxes.

Steve-O, who was calved Stephen Glover, listed his three-bedroom, three-bathroom Hollywood Hills location and has already moved into a ranch successful nan Southeast.

'I sewage this ranch successful Tennessee, which I emotion truthful much. I conscionable had to opportunity Hollywood, it's been cool, but I'm out,' he said successful a YouTube video that he posted connected May 2. 

Steve-O appeared to beryllium surviving nan dream successful Tennessee and he hinted that 1 of nan biggest reasons for nan move is to extremity paying California taxes.  

Listing supplier Cesar Melendrez from Jason Mitchell Real Estate is successful complaint of trading the 2,398-square-foot property that's listed for $1.799 million.

A Hollywood Hills location that was nan location of erstwhile MTV prima Steve-O is presently connected nan market. Cesar Melendrez is nan listing supplier for nan 2,398-square-foot home, which is presently for waste astatine $1.799 million

Steve-O first announced that nan location would beryllium going up for waste during a location circuit video he posted connected April 4. His erstwhile three-bedroom, three-bathroom location included a skate ramp and goat barn. However, earlier it was put connected nan market, astir each room successful nan location sewage a makeover, including nan backyard 

Steve-O first announced that he planned to waste nan spot successful nan explanation of his California house video tour connected YouTube.

'I worked connected this video for years, and only stopped because I decided to waste nan house,' he wrote.

He showed disconnected his unfastened level scheme connected nan first level pinch a chef's room and surviving room.

He besides displayed his erstwhile crippled room, which he said was 'reimagined masterfully' to usage arsenic an other retention space.

Deer people wallpaper covered nan walls adjacent nan stairway that led up to Steve-O's chamber pinch a comfy furniture and a massage chair. 

He moreover gave viewers a highest into a remodeled accumulation room pinch nosy pictures and unsocial curtains.

Steve-O concluded his circuit by showing disconnected his mini skate ramp that he and his friends utilized successful aggregate YouTube videos he's posted complete nan years. 

Now that nan location is up for sale, it's been turned upside-down into a spot that viewers whitethorn not beryllium capable to recognize.

Steve-O pointed retired that nan California spot is located correct adjacent nan Hollywood sign. According to nan spot description, nan location is 'atop a backstage hillside' and it's conscionable minutes distant from nan Hollywood Reservoir and nan Sunset Strip

The extracurricular of nan location was featured successful some of Steve-O's videos. Hardly immoderate changes were made to nan beforehand of nan location and its obstruction that partially blocks disconnected nan spot was unchanged during nan renovations

The unfastened level scheme that was noticeable successful Steve-O's video connected nan little level still exists wrong nan remodeled house. However, each of nan walls person been painted. The woody beams connected nan surviving room ceiling were painted achromatic to lucifer nan fireplace that had erstwhile been covered pinch a ray bluish fabric. The rustic woody floors and nan placement of windows stayed nan same, which gives nan area awesome earthy light

The modern furnishings and caller fireplace colour were nan last touches made to nan surviving room earlier it was put connected nan market. However, Steve-O decided to bent up civilization artwork successful nan room successful bid to adhd a spot of his characteristic into nan surviving room

The chef's room includes achromatic marble countertops that lucifer nan drawers built successful adjacent to nan stainless alloy oven. The island, cabinets and lights were already successful nan location anterior to it being put connected nan market. However, for illustration nan surviving room, nan woody beams that were hardly noticeable successful nan room person been painted black

'It's conscionable astir unrecognizable... Everything's painted, they cleaned retired my goat barn, nan ramp's gone, and it will beryllium listed wrong nan adjacent week,' he confirmed.

However, nan prankster decided to support nan cervid people wallpaper astatine nan stairwell.

Steve-O was sad astir nan move and told nan cameraman that it was 'bittersweet' correct earlier he left.

He and his fiancée, Lux Wright, had their belongings placed into moving trucks, and contempt nan partial struggle to get their goats together, nan brace near California.

'It’s been an grant to spot Steve-O’s maturation arsenic a person, this move represents him starting a caller life pinch his fiancé and his passion for creating an animal sanctuary,' Melendrez told TMZ.

Steve-O's caller Nashville location has much abstraction that's fresh for an outdoorsman and animal lover.

The bedrooms successful Steve-O's aged California spot were wholly redone and see caller achromatic furnishings and bedding pinch hints of colour that bring retired nan ambiance of nan room. The model adjacent to 1 of nan beds provides astonishing earthy light

The all-new maestro suite is different from Steve-O's aged chamber that consisted of a bed, acheronian colors and a massage chair. This suite now features ray colors and modern furnishings pinch a clearer position from nan backstage balcony. If 1 looks adjacent enough, they tin spot immoderate of nan different houses adjacent nan Hollywood motion from nan balcony

The maestro bath includes a agelong and constrictive bath including luxurious bathtub

The car shed is freely and will get nan occupation done for anyone who needs to parkland their cars aliases shop immoderate basal items for illustration tools, toys aliases successful Steve-O's case, accessories for his goat barn that was erstwhile connected nan property

What was erstwhile an area for a skate ramp became an outdoor oasis for anyone that is looking to entertain guests while watching a sunset

The structure looks up to nan backstage balconies, including that of nan maestro suite

Steve-O had a large grin connected his look almost nan full clip he showed disconnected his caller Tennessee retreat.

'Everything is an upgrade. Our goats person a marque caller barn, a dope caller pen, and we decided to fto them retired of nan pen and conscionable bent retired connected nan property,' he said.

Other than their 4 goats, Steve-O and Lux ain 2 pigs, 2 dogs and 4 cats.

Their animal caretaker, Daniel, besides moved pinch couple, who according to Steve-O, 'gets things done quickly.'

'I emotion our life connected nan ranch truthful overmuch that I ne'er want to leave,' he added.

The entertainer and Lux decided to observe their move pinch an updated bedroom, which includes a caller mattress and furniture set.

However, he did bring each nan furnishings and decor from nan California chamber to Tennessee and placed it into nan couple's impermanent bedroom.

'The only point astir nan extremist ranch which has not been upgraded is our video accumulation room,' said Steve-O.

'Now, we transportation each of footage to our apical concealed caller location successful California.'  

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