Terrified flyers take to TikTok to say they'd be changing their Boeing flights and travelling with anti-anxiety medication - as three of the aviation firm's planes crash in two days. Would you fly on Boeing?

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Terrified flyers are taking to TikTok to opportunity they will beryllium changing their flights from Boeing airplanes and travelling pinch anti-anxiety medicine arsenic nan craft shaper battles an ongoing information crisis.

Aviation elephantine Boeing has suffered a 3rd clang successful conscionable 2 days arsenic it seems nan aviation patient has been plagued by regular mechanical failures.  

As nan embattled patient finds itself nether harsh scrutiny complete a drawstring of information disasters, group are taking to societal media to show of really they will beryllium avoiding nan craft aliases beryllium travelling pinch medicine to calm their anxiety.

One TikToker posted a video of himself onboard a Boeing formation astatine Heathrow Airport, pinch nan caption 'About to hop connected a Boeing formation drunk, wish maine luck'.

Meanwhile, 1 personification tweeted: 'Might miss my formation for nan first clip ever. Not tripping though cos it's a Boeing. Might beryllium dodging a slug here.'

The Boeing 737 pitchy carrying 73 passengers caught connected occurrence and suffered superior harm erstwhile a grounded takeoff effort sent it skidding disconnected nan runway early this morning

Shocking footage showed nan infinitesimal nan level attempted an emergency landing, smashing down into nan runway and scraping its chemoreceptor on nan concrete

Earlier today, a Boeing 737-800 had its tyre burst during a landing astatine Gazipasa airport, adjacent nan Mediterranean coastal municipality of Alanya successful Turkey. 

A full of 190 group were evacuated from nan aircraft, pinch pictures showing the stationary craft connected nan tarmac flanked by emergency vehicles - its beforehand wheels and landing cogwheel crumpled underneath.

And conscionable this morning, terrifying footage emerged of passengers fleeing arsenic a burning Boeing 737-300 pitchy pinch 78 travelers skidded disconnected nan runway and caught occurrence during a take-off successful Senegal.

On Wednesday, a Boeing 767 cargo level was forced to make an emergency landing astatine Istanbul Airport successful Turkey aft its beforehand landing cogwheel failed.

A melodramatic clip of nan infinitesimal nan cargo level - which was operated by FedEx - skidded crossed nan runway wide circulated connected societal media.

It comes arsenic Boeing has already been suffering aggregate information incidents, pinch a near-catastrophic incident successful January erstwhile a fuselage sheet connected a 737 MAX 9 Alaska Airlines pitchy blew disconnected mid-flight.

A 2nd terrified TikToker took to nan app successful March to station a video connected 'how to debar flying connected nan Boeing 737 Max' arsenic she told of really she 'immediately' cancelled and changed her formation aft realising it was a Boeing 737 MAX 9.

A 3rd offered a 2 infinitesimal mentation successful a TikTok video arsenic to why she 'refuses' to alert nan Boeing 737 MAX.

The personification said: 'I deliberation nan MAX has major, awesome problems... I'm not an aviation master and I'm not going to declare to be, but that does not beryllium good pinch me. It's not a level I want to beryllium on.'

Travel master Jane Hawkes, astatine ladyjaney.co.uk, has warned that while it is improbable nan crashes will lead to group avoiding Boeing craft specifically, it could deter anxious flyers from flying much generally. 

The chemoreceptor of nan level is seen resting connected nan runway arsenic emergency workers and inspectors look on 

She said: 'Customer consumers will beryllium keeping an oculus connected this. But astir group don't look retired for what craft they are flying connected truthful I uncertainty they will beryllium avoiding flying pinch Boeing.

'What I do fearfulness is that instead, immoderate flyers whitethorn fearfulness flying generally. For anxious flyers, it makes their determination complete whether to alert overmuch harder successful general.

'You could find that group will beryllium much wary of flying.'

She added: 'However, location are information measures successful place, location are procedures successful spot and information is paramount.'

In March, an aviation master said Boeing needed to 'bulldoze their full board' arsenic he warned its flaw-plagued planes are 10 years down rival Airbus' offerings.

Speaking to The Free Press astir Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft, airplane master Mike Boyd said: 'Instead of building airplanes, each they cared astir was building nan bottommost line. They threw nan MAX together astatine nan past minute. 

The aviation master added that information issues are only portion of nan problem, and that Airbus, their main competitor, are now 10 years up of them. 

He said: '[Boeing] has thing connected nan drafting boards. Firing a fewer executives isn’t going to alteration Boeing. What they request to do is return a bulldozer to nan full committee of directors.'

Meanwhile, Paul Charles, of world luxury recreation consultancy The PC Agency, assured passengers that Boeing craft is still safe to alert on.

He said: 'While location whitethorn beryllium immoderate travellers who are a small nervous, location is still a very beardown information grounds considering nan thousands of flights taking disconnected and departing each time utilizing Boeing aircraft. 

'If anything, nan heightened consciousness will guarantee that attraction teams astatine each hose are connected higher alert pinch immoderate Boeing craft that whitethorn beryllium successful their fleets. 

'And Boeing’s information processes will now beryllium astatine their astir rigorous successful ray of nan changes successful their elder activity team, truthful arsenic to hole their issues.'

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