The Bachelor’s Maria Georgas Reveals She Previously Dated One of Drake’s Best Friends

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The Bachelor alum Maria Georgas revealed she antecedently sewage to cognize Drake erstwhile she dated 1 of his champion friends.

“We’re cool, truthful I don’t mind talking astir this. He owned a edifice pinch Drake successful Toronto,” Maria, 29, said astir her ex – who she did not sanction – while appearing connected nan Tuesday, May 7, section of “The Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “Drake is simply a large point successful Toronto, obviously. It’s conscionable not arsenic crazy to deliberation that location are ties to Drake successful Toronto.”

She went connected to telephone Drake, 37, “the astir astonishing person,” adding, “He is truthful benignant and truthful sweet.”

Cohost Serena Pitt, who is besides a Toronto native, said that she believed Maria because it’s not uncommon for group to person personage connections successful nan Canadian city.

“That’s wherever that necktie came in. I sewage to meet Drake and cognize him done my ex. They were moving a edifice together,” Maria explained. “It was a very celebrated edifice astatine nan clip called Fring’s. Now my different friend owns nan caller place. It’s called Marbl now.”

Bachelor Nation first sewage to cognize Maria erstwhile she competed for Joey Graziadei’s heart during play 28 of The Bachelor. While she didn’t extremity up uncovering emotion pinch Joey, 28, nan Canada autochthonal has embraced her newfound fame aft becoming a instrumentality favorite.

She precocious appeared connected nan April 30 section of “Call Her Daddy,” wherever she confirmed speculation that she had been asked to prima connected nan adjacent play of The Bachelorette.

“It was group successful stone. I was it,” Maria told big Alex Cooper astir nan gig. However, she revealed that she yet backed retired aft becoming overwhelmed pinch nan process.

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She continued, “When everyone astir maine was truthful supportive of maine being successful this position and everyone wanted this for me, I took a second. I’m like, ‘Why americium I not happy? Why americium I not excited astir this?’ It took maine realizing that it’s conscionable not my clip [and] I was like, ‘Respectfully, I request to decline. I request to return a measurement back.’”

The Bachelor's Maria Georgas Reveals She Previously Dated One of Drake's Best Friends

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Many fans hoped that Maria would beryllium nan franchise’s adjacent starring lady, and were shocked erstwhile Jenn Tran was announced arsenic nan play 21 star. Despite nan sad reactions to Maria not starring connected nan show, she insisted that Jenn, 26, is nan cleanable personification for nan job.

“Jenn, though, was nan cleanable pick,” she continued. “She is nan astir cleanable bachelorette successful my eyes. I couldn’t deliberation of anyone amended to do this. She was truthful fresh for it, and that was capable for maine to benignant of say, ‘Yeah, it’s not my time.'”

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