Tom Brady is not concerned about ex Gisele Bundchen's 'hurt' over 'disrespectful' jokes in his Netflix roast and believes she is determined to 'get angry with him for anything' - as NFL champ's real reason for taking part in on-screen skewering is revealed

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Tom Brady has shrugged disconnected his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen's 'hurt' and 'upset' complete the portrayal of their marriage during his Netflix Roast, arsenic nan NFL fable believes his erstwhile spouse 'will get angry pinch him for anything,' insiders person claimed.

The erstwhile quarterback, 46, faced a blistering verbal onslaught connected Sunday night's unrecorded show arsenic he was skewered connected his divorcement from Bundchen, 43, and her moving connected pinch Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente, 35.

The supermodel, who has 2 children pinch nan sportsman, was near 'hurt' and disappointed astatine Brady for defending nan proprietor of his erstwhile team, Robert Kraft, but remaining silent during relentless jabs astir her.

But insiders revealed to that Brady desperately wanted to return portion successful The Greatest Roast of All Time to clear nan aerial regarding issues astir his individual life and career, and said he believes his ex-wife will ever find a logic to beryllium huffy astatine him.

Tom Brady has shrugged disconnected his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen 's 'hurt' and 'upset' complete nan portrayal of their matrimony during his Netflix Roast 

Insiders show that nan NFL legend, 46, believes his erstwhile spouse, 43, 'will get angry pinch him for anything' 

'It conscionable seems to Tom that Gisele will get angry pinch him for thing and everything and location is thing he tin do to alteration that,' nan root said. 

'He will proceed to effort to beryllium successful her bully graces for nan kids but he besides has to instrumentality up for himself and going done nan Roast was thing he wanted and needed to happen.

'And he thinks that if it wasn't this, thing other would person upset her, truthful location isn't overmuch he tin do to hole that.'

Speaking astir his information for signing up, they added: 'Tom is ever concerned for his kids, but he wanted to do this Roast to yet clear nan aerial pinch everything that group person said astir him.

'He has had an unthinkable life and career, on pinch bumps successful nan roadworthy from his relationships pinch Bill Belichick and Gisele and controversies complete Deflategate. He wanted to do this successful bid to get a cleanable slate to move forward.'

The root claimed Bundchen is 'livid' astatine nan nary holds barred attack arsenic she fears she will person to woody pinch nan repercussions for their children.

'Gisele was ne'er looking guardant to nan Roast because she knew she was going to beryllium a portion of it,' nan insider confirmed. 'She was prepared for that and benignant of OK pinch being nan butt of jokes.

'But what she’s really huffy astatine is nan reside it took and that it went connected without immoderate barriers.

Bundchen was reportedly near disappointed that Brady grounded to take sides relentless jabs astir her, and moreover occasionally laughed astatine nan onslaught of jokes

'She is livid that her kids will yet spot nan jokes and she will person to woody pinch it and woody pinch each nan repercussions from it. It makes her much upset that it seems for illustration he doesn't care.'

The erstwhile mates — who finalized their divorcement successful October 2022 aft 13 years of marriage — stock boy Benjamin, 14, and girl Vivian, 11.

The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, which was portion of nan Netflix Is a Joke Fest, was the first-ever roast to beryllium broadcast live, unedited.

Brady only defended Robert Kraft, nan proprietor of his erstwhile shot team

Hours aft it aired, Bundchen was said to be angry astatine nan 'disrespectful' portrayal of their marriage and nan reminders of really Brady's determination to put his profession supra each other caused a rift successful their marriage.

Despite failing to put a extremity to immoderate of nan jokes made astir their relationship, Brady leapt to action erstwhile 'Roastmaster General' Jeff Ross dared to joke astir New England Patriots proprietor Kraft and his massage parlor scandal, pinch nan NFL prima quickly telling him: 'Don't opportunity that s**t again.' 

It was nan first and only clip during nan full roast that he came to anybody's defense. 

Bundchen - who later skipped nan Met Gala to spend clip pinch her family in Miami -believes her ex-husband's handling of nan jokes astir her was further 'proof' that he continues to 'put shot earlier his family,' according to PageSix.

Brady and Bundchen stock 2 children, boy Benjamin, 14, and girl Vivian, 11. He besides has boy Jack, 16 pinch ex Bridget Moynahan

However a root adjacent to nan Netflix accumulation besides told nan outlet that nan jokes 'were each successful bully fun' and while nan comics agreed betwixt themselves that nan couple's kids were off-limits, Brady was not made alert of immoderate of nan jabs successful advance. 

Bundchen started training jiu-jitsu successful 2021 - erstwhile she is believed to person met her instructor, and now boyfriend, Valente.

News of them making love was confirmed publically successful February erstwhile revealed exclusive footage of nan brace kissing on Valentine's Day.  

Bundchen later confirmed she is making love again and divulged specifications astir her caller narration for nan first clip successful a candid question and reply pinch The New York Times.

'This is nan first clip I americium seeing personification that was a friend of excavation first,' she admitted, without naming her caller partner. 'It's very different. It is very honest, and it's very transparent.'

She also denied cheating connected Brady earlier their 2022 divorce. 

'That is simply a lie,' she told nan outlet. 

Brady, whose erstwhile narration pinch Bridget Moynahan besides featured connected nan show, has since been linked to Kim Kardashian and Irina Shayk.

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