Travis Kelce Was ‘Blushing’ When Taylor Swift Attended 1st Chiefs Game, Teammate Reveals

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Travis Kelce’s teammate James Winchester revealed his saccharine guidance erstwhile Taylor Swift attended her first Kansas City Chiefs crippled successful September 2023.

“My first consequence was, ‘That’s beautiful cool,’ truthful I walked up to Trav successful nan crippled and we were connected nan sideline and I conscionable said, ‘Hey man, that’s cool she’s here,'” James, 34, recalled of learning that Taylor, 34, was astatine nan crippled during nan Wednesday, May 8, section of nan “Like a Farmer” podcast. “He’s like, ‘Wait, what do you mean? Did they put her up connected nan Jumbotron aliases something?'”

After James explained that nan team’s adjunct instrumentality manager, Jay White, had told him Taylor was astatine Arrowhead Stadium, he reiterated that it was cool nan “Enchanted” vocalist showed up.

“He’s conscionable benignant of smiling, like, benignant of blushing,” nan agelong snapper said astir Travis, 34.

Their love communicative began erstwhile Travis explained that he hoped to inquire Taylor out erstwhile he saw her Eras circuit during a July 2023 section of his “New Heights” podcast. While he was incapable to meet her during nan show, nan brace yet connected and started secretly dating.

Before Taylor attended her first game, Travis hinted they were successful touch erstwhile he appeared connected The Pat McAfee Show successful September 2023. “I threw nan shot successful her court. I told her, ‘I’ve seen you stone nan shape successful Arrowhead. You mightiness person to travel spot maine stone nan shape successful Arrowhead and spot which one’s a small much lit,’ truthful we’ll see,” nan tight extremity recalled.

Meanwhile, nan “Wildest Dreams” vocalist revealed that she and Travis had already defined their narration by nan clip she attended her first game.

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“We started hanging retired correct aft that,” she told TIME successful December 2023, referencing his comments during nan podcast episode. “So we really had a important magnitude of clip that nary 1 knew, which I’m grateful for, because we sewage to get to cognize each other. By nan clip I went to that first game, we were a couple. I deliberation immoderate group deliberation that they saw our first day astatine that game? We would ne'er beryllium psychotic capable to difficult motorboat a first date.”

Taylor continued to be Travis’ games passim nan season, while he has traveled internationally to spot respective shows connected her Eras tour. While neither Travis nor Taylor person shared galore specifications astir their romance, nan mates hasn’t been awkward astir packing connected nan PDA during day nights.

Travis Kelce Was 'Blushing' When Taylor Swift Attended 1st Chiefs Game, Teammate Reveals

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“Taylor’s a free tone and pinch Travis she tin fto her hairsbreadth down,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style, adding that he “really impressed” her by being bully to fans erstwhile they attended Coachella successful April. “Taylor tin beryllium herself pinch Travis, which is truthful refreshing.”

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