Western University to consider ties to Alice Munro following daughter’s revelations

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Alice Munro’s alma mater says it’s considering really to move guardant aft nan Nobel laureate’s girl revealed she was sexually abused by her stepfather and Munro chose to enactment pinch him.

Western University has agelong touted its ties to nan short communicative writer and since 2018 has employed an Alice Munro Chair successful Creativity to “lead nan imaginative culture” of nan arts and humanities faculty.

Acting dean Ileana Paul says successful a connection nan module is now considering really nan revelations from Andrea Robin Skinner, Munro’s youngest daughter, will impact nan measurement nan London, Ont., schoolhouse celebrates nan author’s legacy.

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In a first-person portion published Sunday successful nan Toronto Star, Skinner wrote that she was sexually abused by Munro’s 2nd hubby Gerald Fremlin, starting erstwhile she was 9 years old.

When Munro learned of nan maltreatment years later, Skinner wrote, she focused much connected herself than her girl and yet chose to enactment pinch Fremlin.

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Fremlin was convicted of indecent battle successful 2005, astatine property 80, and moreover still, Munro stayed.

Skinner wrote successful nan portion that she wanted her acquisition to beryllium a portion of nan communicative group told astir Munro erstwhile they bespeak connected her legacy, alternatively than nan leader believe that had go common.

The revelation has near galore fans, writers and academics grappling pinch their feelings astir Munro, pinch immoderate saying it would fundamentally displacement really — and whether — they publication her work.

Munro died successful May astatine property 92.

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