Wheelchair-bound maniac exits police station after jaw-dropping footage showed him dragging dead woman down NYC street in sleeping bag

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The wheelchair-bound man accused of dragging a dormant woman's assemblage down a New York City thoroughfare successful a sleeping container was seen holding onto a integrative instrumentality arsenic he exited nan constabulary station.

Chad Irish, 55, gripped onto nan integrative vessel arsenic officers wheeled him retired of nan 13th Precinct successful Manhattan to look execution charges successful nan decease of Yazmeen Williams, whose assemblage was recovered dumped extracurricular pinch nan trash past week.

Police opportunity the 31-year-old female was changeable dormant earlier her assemblage was wrapped up and disposed of outside a building connected East 27th Street.

Irish now faces charges of execution successful nan second-degree, criminal possession of a limb and loaded firearm successful nan second-degree, arsenic good arsenic concealment of a quality corpse.

Shocking surveillance footage obtained by CBS News shows a man successful a motorized wheelchair - believed to beryllium Irish - dragging on a sleeping container connected nan street. 

Chad Irish, 55, was wheeled retired of nan 13th Police Precinct successful Manhattan connected Wednesday to look charges for nan execution of Yazmeen Williams

Irish was seen strangely gripping a integrative vessel arsenic he was wheeled to a carrier vehicle

Irish now faces charges of execution successful nan second-degree, criminal possession of a limb and loaded firearm successful nan second-degree, arsenic good arsenic concealment of a quality corpse

The NYPD would responded to a study of a suspicious package amid trash successful beforehand of connected 27th Street and Third Avenue successful Kips Bay connected nan eastbound broadside of Manhattan conscionable earlier 5pm connected Friday.

Inside, officers recovered Williams' corpse wrapped up successful a sleeping bag, and nan aesculapian examiner later ruled that she died from a gunshot coiled to nan head.

Police later named Irish arsenic a personification of liking successful nan execution investigation, arsenic she would sometimes enactment astatine his house. 

It is unclear if their narration was romanticist successful nature. 

Antowne Frazier, who grew up astatine nan flat analyzable wherever Irish lives, said he confronted Irish astir nan execution connected Monday.

'I said, "What did you do pinch that young girl?"' he recounted to ABC 7. 'He said he "didn't do thing to that young girl, I conscionable brought immoderate laundry down that was stinking successful my location to driblet it off."'

But Frazier said he had his doubts.

'I told him, I said, "You are a dormant man, you shouldn't beryllium astir here,' Frazier said.

'He said, "next clip you spot me, you should beryllium worried astir me," and that's erstwhile he brandished a gun.' 

New York City constabulary primitively named Irish arsenic a personification of liking successful Williams execution because she would enactment astatine his house

Surveillance footage showed a man successful a wheelchair dragging a sleeping container on nan street

Irish allegedly brandished a weapon astir his flat analyzable erstwhile a neighbour started asking questions astir Williams' murder 

Frazier said Irish past walked away, but returned a fewer hours agone still flashing his gun.

As Irish made his measurement backmost to nan flat building, Frazier said he ran to telephone 911.

By nan clip constabulary showed up, a frenzied mob was seen attacking nan wheelchair-bound man arsenic he was loaded into a constabulary vehicle.

A crowd, including Williams' family, was waiting for nan fishy arsenic he was wheeled retired of a building successful a gurney.

As he emerged, a man shouted: 'Don't provender that f**king pr**k for weeks' while others yelled, 'Kill him!'.

The crowd pushed up against nan solid doorway and began pounding nan solid and screaming arsenic Irish approached nan vehicle.

The chaos only escalated further erstwhile Irish was brought outside, pinch cops struggling to clasp backmost nan surging crowd who yelled 'Come outside!'.

Police were soon overwhelmed nevertheless arsenic nan mob chased aft him and began raining blows down connected him.

Irish was violently attacked arsenic he was taken into custody connected Monday 

A female could beryllium heard wailing arsenic Irish tried to proclaim his innocence.

'You killed my daughter!' Williams' mom Nicole yelled arsenic he was loaded into nan van and nan crowd continued to bang nan sides of nan vehicle.

'He looks for illustration scum,' Nicole added while sobbing and struggling to drawback her breath.

'They said she's dead. I fainted and nan serviceman had to prime maine up disconnected nan floor,' she told nan New York Post.

'She's my baby. We sewage to get justness for her. She didn't merit what happened to her.'

An NYC resident stumbled crossed a woman's assemblage wrapped successful a garbage container connected a engaged sidewalk past week

Officials person suggested Williams' assemblage whitethorn person been near connected nan thoroughfare for respective hours earlier passerby Rian Robbins reported it - arsenic others reported a stench successful nan area.

For her part, Robbins said she became suspicious of nan package erstwhile she saw flies were circling it.  

'I walked by and turned around, location were flies swarming each complete it. And I saw what that looked for illustration a ribcage,' Rian Robbins told AMNY.

They were cleaning retired nan building, truthful I was for illustration possibly it's immoderate aged point they threw out.'

Robbins said nan assemblage was near lying connected what appeared to beryllium a cart. 'It was connected a rolling cart that was tied to nan thing,' Robbins said.

'It was large and bloated for illustration it had been successful water.'

Horrified onlookers wrong nan lobby of a adjacent building besides filmed disturbing video of detectives cutting into nan assemblage container connected nan street.

Ted Oehmke, who besides witnessed cops slicing unfastened nan bag, gave gruesome specifications of what he saw to DailyMail.com.

'There was a spread trim successful nan apical of nan container and what looked for illustration nan apical of a head,' he said. 'I'd for illustration to opportunity I was shocked but I'm not. It's a motion of nan times, that's all.'

'It looked for illustration whoever did it went to a batch of problem to make judge it was wrapped up and stuck retired successful nan open,' Oehmke added.

'But I was beautiful amazed to spot it sitting location successful nan regular garbage arsenic if sanitation was going to return it away.'

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