Woman who abandoned German Shepherd puppy Phoenix seen helplessly chasing after her car in Fresno breaks her silence to tell her side of the story - and denies wrongdoing

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The driver who has been attacked for taking disconnected aft 'cruelly' abandoning a helpless German Shepherd puppy connected nan thoroughfare successful a now-viral video has surgery her soundlessness to show her broadside of nan story.

In an exclusive question and reply pinch DailyMail.com, Jubree Johnson, 22, admitted to driving distant aft leaving nan three-month-old pup astatine a mobile location parkland successful Fresno, California – but claimed it was aft nan canine had already been ditched by its owner.

She denied immoderate wrongdoing and explained that she and a friend had spotted nan puppy – now renamed Phoenix – wandering nan streets and decided to return it successful connected a whim, only for them to person 2nd thoughts and dump it connected nan street. 

Speaking publically for nan first clip she said: 'The canine was already abandoned. It wasn't excavation nor my partner's. We were successful nan area erstwhile we saw nan dog. We took it to nan nearest shelter, but they couldn't return her because they were closed nan weekend.'  

Jubree Johnson, 22, has been identified arsenic nan driver who was seen taking disconnected aft callously dumping a German Shepherd puppy connected nan thoroughfare past month 

The heart-wrenching infinitesimal went viral aft surveillance footage showed nan helpless puppy chasing a car moments aft being abandoned astatine a trailer parkland successful Fresno, California connected April 25

Earlier this week DailyMail.com revealed that nan puppy has been renamed 'Phoenix' and she has been adopted by her caller loving owners 

Johnson said she was driving successful nan area that greeting pinch friend, Mack Kaye, 21, who was seen successful footage sitting successful nan rider spot of her achromatic Nissan sedan. 

The 2 were leaving a state position adjacent Mobley Park erstwhile they spotted nan lonely pooch connected nan road. 

'My friend who had been talking astir wanting a canine conscionable minutes earlier we saw this one, spotted nan puppy stepping adjacent nan street. My friend loves dogs,' she told DailyMail.com. 

She said Mack past convinced her to propulsion complete truthful he could 'pet it'.

'I stopped and we sewage retired of nan car and nan canine was happy to spot us. We swooped nan canine up and put it successful our car. Mack wanted it. 

'As soon arsenic nan canine sewage into nan car, it became anxious. It was panting difficult and moving backmost and forth.'  

Despite its tense demeanor and their fleeting clip together, Johnson claimed nan canine 'really bonded' pinch them, admitting: 'Maybe she thought we were going to return her home.' 

But nan excitement would beryllium to beryllium short-lived for nan confused pup, who was returned to nan streets conscionable minutes later. 

'After astir 10 minutes I convinced Mack he was successful nary position to return attraction of a dog; he is simply a struggling student pinch small money and time. So we decided to return it to a adjacent shelter.'

'Mack took nan canine into nan shelter and came backmost to nan car and told maine they were closed for nan play and they couldn't judge nan dog,' Johnson said. 

Jubree told her broadside of nan communicative successful an question and reply pinch DailyMail.com, admitting she dumped nan canine but only aft it had already been abandoned by its owner 

Johnson, 22, said she and a friend recovered nan pup wandering nan streets and concisely took it into their car earlier ditching it moments later

Johnson identified nan man successful nan reddish garment seen sitting successful her rider spot arsenic 21-year-old Mack Kaye, who she says had convinced her to propulsion complete to drawback nan pup, only for them to person 2nd thoughts astir raising a dog 

'The shelter suggested we return nan canine backmost to nan spot wherever they recovered it.'

Surveillance footage astatine nan shelter does show a achromatic Nissan turning up and a man successful a reddish garment getting retired pinch a dog. 

Johnson claimed she didn't person state money to thrust astir to various shelters to find a safe spot for nan dog, truthful they heeded nan alleged proposal and took nan canine backmost to nan area wherever they recovered it.

She said they spotted a trailer parkland adjacent nan area – Country Living Mobile Home Park – drove successful and dropped disconnected nan dog.

'I thought nan canine would person a amended chance of getting picked up, a amended chance of endurance astatine nan trailer park. 

'I figured personification would prime up nan canine successful little than an hr if not minutes. That's wherever my mind went astatine nan time,' she said. 

As for nan heart-wrenching scenes captured connected video, Johnson claimed she didn't spot nan canine chasing her car connected nan measurement retired of nan mobile location park, and has nary regrets for what her and her friend did, saying: 'I didn't deliberation we were doing thing wrong.'

She besides said she had not been not alert of nan media sum surrounding her abandoning a puppy. 

'I didn't deliberation it was that large of a deal,' she added. 

'We had nan canine for little than an hour. My friend wanted it, I talked him retired of it, we dropped it disconnected successful a safe place.'

When informed that nan puppy has since been adopted by caller owners connected nan eastbound coast, without missing a beat, she said: 'Good. That is what I wanted, for nan canine to find a bully home.'

DailyMail.com reached retired to Johnson's friend, Mack Kaye, but he has yet to respond.

Footage showed nan lonely pup looking astir successful disorder earlier watching nan conveyance velocity away

The heartbreaking footage caught nan attraction of a personnel of nan mobile location organization who later called nan Fresno Animal Center

The helpless puppy was seen desperately chasing aft nan car arsenic it drove away 

On Tuesday DailyMail.com revealed nan hopeless puppy who melted nan nation's bosom has a caller proprietor and a agleam early up of her.

Now renamed Phoenix – because she has risen from nan ashes – nan achromatic German Shepherd has already knowledgeable a 2,700-mile cross-country roadworthy travel arsenic she is fixed a chance to commencement fresh.

And hopes are precocious that she is going to make it arsenic a therapy canine to support those successful hospitals and hospices, erstwhile she is decently trained.

Video taken by DailyMail.com shows nan infinitesimal nan three-month-old pup arrived astatine her caller home, desperately jumping connected her caller proprietor successful Raleigh, North Carolina, connected Saturday aft walking 5 days crossed nan state from Fresno, California. 

'We already person a imaginable adopter for her if, for immoderate reason, she can't enactment pinch us,' her caller guardian Meredith Gintzig-Hayes, 33, told DailyMail.com. 

'But if it falls through, she'll beryllium pinch maine – I can't ever put her successful a business that feels abandonment again.' 

'As cliché arsenic it sounds, I was adopted astatine 2 days aged and I've struggled pinch abandonment, moreover though I had a family that loved maine unconditionally,' Gintzig-Hayes said. 

'But you ever person that sense, and truthful erstwhile I saw nan video my psyche virtually connected to her done it.

'I knew that I had to prevention her nary matter what.'

Security cameras caught Phoenix desperately chasing aft Johnson's achromatic Nissan Sentra aft they dropped her successful nan trailer parkland soon aft 10am connected April 25. 

DailyMail.com learned nan 2 friends tried to return 10lb Phoenix to nan Fresno Animal Center – but it was closed that day

The dog, renamed Phoenix, has since been taken successful by a caller owner, Meredith Gintzig-Hayes, pinch whom she will unrecorded connected nan eastbound coast 

Gintzig-Hayes is an EMT who began taking successful rescue animals successful 2017 and started her non-profit 3 years later. She's pictured pinch her different canine Rogue 

Phoenix is happily settling into her caller home, playing pinch her caller siblings and cuddling up to Gintzig-Hayes and nan thrust who took her from cross-country

She was captured looking astir successful disorder earlier watching nan conveyance velocity away, and past desperately tried to pursuit nan car down nan street.

But arsenic nan information gates shut, Phoenix paused, turned and ran backmost into nan trailer parkland wherever a worker coaxed her into nan office.

'The video of Phoenix was bosom wrenching,' Gintzig-Hayes said. 'But I perceive astir specified things each time successful nan statement of activity I do.

'The quality is that you tin really spot it hap successful this case.'

The mobile location park's adjunct head Patricia Garvey told DailyMail.com she was 'horrified' erstwhile she saw nan video of Phoenix being dumped.

'I was worried that nan canine was going to get deed by a car.'

A personification wearing a reddish sweatshirt – now identified arsenic Mack – was seen carrying nan canine pinch a pinkish collar to nan center.

A halfway worker took nan photograph and told DailyMail.com: 'I took a image of nan canine truthful I could nonstop to various rescue centers and shelters successful nan area to spot if location arsenic immoderate interest.

'The man told maine that he had recovered nan dog, that it wasn't his. I didn't judge him.

'I evidently had nary thought he was going to wantonness it conscionable minutes later. 

Nor does Gintzig-Hayes, who said location is 'no way' a canine would person chases aft a car if they had only met nan personification an hr aliases little before.

Gintzig-Hayes said location is 'no way' a canine would pursuit aft a car if they had only met nan personification an hr before

The trailer park's adjunct head Patricia Garvey told DailyMail.com she was 'horrified' erstwhile she saw nan video of Phoenix being dumped

'They're astir apt conscionable trying to opportunity they were doing nan correct thing. But she wouldn't person chased aft nan car for illustration that if that was true.

'If anyone is looking to rehome their dog, I'd counsel them to spell to a shelter and inquire for a database of rescues that mightiness specialize successful nan breed of canine they person and scope retired to them.

'Even if they're afloat they will person a web who tin effort to find a everlastingly location for nan dog, giving it an opportunity to live. It takes a batch of accent retired of nan business and could forestall them being euthanized.'

Under California rule it is simply a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months successful situation and a $1,000 good to wantonness an animal willfully.

 Once Garvey had nan canine astatine nan mobile location parkland she had to determine what to do pinch her. 

She initially tried nan park's residents to make judge Phoenix didn't beryllium to 1 of them.

When that proved fruitless it was clip to interaction various animal use organizations to spot if immoderate would judge her.

Eventually Fresno Animal Center – nan very spot nan erstwhile owners whitethorn person tried to driblet her – agreed to return her in. 

Fresno Police are investigating nan case, Lt. William Dooley confirmed to DailyMail.com.

'This genuinely is simply a sad, heartbreaking event,' he said. 'But we are happy to opportunity that nan puppy is safe, successful bully hands and being cared for.' 

Once nan dog's plight had been shown connected DailyMail.com, Gintzig-Hayes, who runs an statement called Regional Deployed K9 Inc and Equine Rescue, sprung into action.

'I instantly reached retired to nan rescue coordinator, and I made it hap truthful now she will either beryllium pinch america forever,' she said.

Gintzig-Hayes, an EMT who began taking successful rescue animals successful 2017 and started her non-profit 3 years later, says she often useful pinch shelters successful California because galore of them euthanize abandoned animals quickly.

Phoenix is  now happily settling into her caller home, playing pinch her caller siblings and cuddling up to Gintzig-Hayes and her wife, having her tattered pinkish collar replaced pinch a marque caller one. 

She will acquisition basal training pinch Gintzig-Hayes, who is hoping she will extremity up moving arsenic a therapy canine successful nan future.

But precisely what benignant of activity Phoenix will do is unknown. Gintzig-Hayes is mounting up a programme later this twelvemonth to train work dogs, who will past beryllium donated to veterans and first responders.

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